This is a reference for Andrés Sánchez González

Creative Climate Activism

The training activity took place
in Sada, A Coruña, Spain
organised by Xeracion (Youth NGO)
1-7 June 2022
Reference person

Fran Sequeiro

(Organiser and coordinator)
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Aims & objectives

During 5 intense working days we trained them in:

✔️ Non violent communication
✔️ Deep democracy
✔️ ARTivism
✔️ Public speaking
✔️ Self-discovery
✔️ Participatory and inclusive teamwork dynamics

Target group & international/intercultural composition of the group & team

24 youth workers from Portugal, Croatia, France, Netherlands, Belgium; Italy, Bulgaria; Greece; Estonia.
Our team consisted of Javi Quilez and Andrés Sánchez (Spain) as trainers, and Fran Sequeiro (Spain) as coordinator.

Training methods used & main activities

- Non violent communication
This training course will give you the opportunity to discover and practise Non Violence Communication, an approach to communication founded by Marshall Rosenberg which helps people to have conversation without insults and based on understanding each other.

- Develop creativity
Our course offers the perfect opportunity to boost your creativity to inspire others and create an artistic performance which might even change the mind of an old lady convincing her to buy that veggie burger… Workshops about improvisation, storytelling,

- Practise public speaking
During the course you will get the opportunity to gain more confidence about your public speaking and receive precious tips and tricks. We will practise public speaking through different theatre techniques in a safe and productive atmosphere. Theatre of the opressed, performance techniques, workshops about presentations, research and develop your talk and public speaking.

Outcomes of the activity

We had participants from ten different countries, many of them with no experience in public speaking or performance, who had to fight not only against that inexperience but also against the fears of performing in public, since the "final project" was to carry out a performance on climate and ecology in three different squares in Ferrol (Galicia). The success of all this was to see them happy after the first performance, despite the fact that no one was watching. It was seeing them overcome their fears, apply the knowledge acquired during the course and, above all, their feedback on our work, telling us that we had managed to create a safe space, a free space where creativity and non-judgment allowed them to learn and be calm.

Your tasks and responsibilities within the team

Javi (the other trainer) and I had to redesign the complete program of the training course, and focus it on the objectives that Xeración sent us. We thought, designed and created many of the activities from scratch, and then executed them together during the 6 days of training.

I worked on this training for 6 days as a full time trainer.

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