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Coach vs youth worker

The training activity took place
in Zatonie, Poland
organised by Chsch Lower Silesian department
16 -23.10.2015

Aims & objectives

Training "Coach vs youth worker" is a project aimed to increase quality of youth work, through developing competences of youth workers form partner and cooperating organizations.

Target group & international/intercultural composition of the group & team

Training involved 24 participants from 6 countries, such as: Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Greece, Estonia and Turkey.

Youth workers, educators, trainers, pedagogues prepared themselves to professional youth work, taking active part in workshops, exercises, simulation games, practical activities about coaching, group process, methodology of work with "difficult youth", motivation and communication.

Training methods used & main activities

Participants under support of qualified trainers have learned about coaching methodology and deepen knowledge about interpersonal competences, as well practiced coaching techniques, remaining loyal to non-formal education and youth work.

Participants got set of practical information and tools, which will aloud them for much better accessing to youth, supporting their personal and social development.

Outcomes of the activity

Results of the project was establishing network of youth workers, working on professionalization of youth sector, supporting each others and all interested in coaching and youth work itself. will Practical report which include several coaching tools created by participants will be send to all involved organizations, as well to those who will show interest in topic.

Value of project will be involvement in actions representatives of local organization, which cooperate with project partners.

Your tasks and responsibilities within the team

Preparing program aims and objectives of training, coordinating co-trainers work and cooperation within preparation stage.
Developing detailed program with practical methods and theoretical input.
Conducting training sessions, giving feedback to co-trainers.
Leading individual and group coaching sessions during training for participants.

Preparing report and created tools for publishing.

I worked on this training for 6 days as a full time trainer.

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