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Climb Over

The training activity took place
in Kaunas, Lithuania
organised by VšĮ "Integracijos centras"
2-6 February, 2019
Reference person

Paulius Jurgutis

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Aims & objectives

“Climb-Over,” a 2-year Erasmus+ funded project aimed to help the reintegration of young offenders and prevent youth from making offenses by making good use of youth work.

Target group & international/intercultural composition of the group & team

Youth workers and youth leaders interested in the reintegration of young (ex)offenders from Lithuania, Croatia, and the United Kingdom gathered in Kaunas to participate in the Erasmus+ Staff Training Event, organized within the frame of the "Climb-Over" project.

Training methods used & main activities

Numerous NFE workshops, discussions, info-sessions, and analyses of the research findings on young (ex) offenders' integration occurred. These activities allowed to draw more precise guidelines for the integration of the vulnerable social group.

Outcomes of the activity

Participants had a chance to spend half a day in the Kaunas Juvenile Remand Prison - Correction House. They received valuable insights from its staff and could look around and interact with youngsters serving a sentence there. Participants gained on-hands experience on how to work with ex-offenders and a new method to improve the integration of ex-offenders into society.

Your tasks and responsibilities within the team

I facilitated the NFW workshops to improve participants' knowledge of the topic and work with ex-offenders.

I worked on this training for 5 days as a full time trainer.

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