This is a reference for Milena (Lazic) Nikolic


The training activity took place
in Corato, Italy
organised by Associazione Culturale Beyond Borders Corato, Italy
June 28 – July 03, 2015

Aims & objectives

Aim: Raising awareness on the importance of the ICL dimension in youth educational activities and reflecting on how to improve the practices of ICL; how to enhance the quality of international projects on ICL; how to have deeper impact within the local communities, how to support better understanding of different cultures.

Topics: Quality in ICL activities for youth, Culture, Identity and Culture, Prejudice, Stereotypes and Discrimination.

Target group & international/intercultural composition of the group & team

22 youth workers and leaders coming from Italy, Albania, Serbia, Cyprus, Netherlands, Spain, Latvia, Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey and Poland.

Team of Trainers
Panayiotis Theodorou – Cyprus
Salvi Greco – Italy
Milena Nikolic – Serbia

Training methods used & main activities

The methodology used is specific to experiential learning, non‐formal education/learning, both individual and group methods, applying the concept of “participants centered approach”, taking highly into consideration their learning/personal needs.

Outcomes of the activity

During the seminar participants have:
- Explored what was done throughout the years and projects about ICL, best (and worst) practices, competencies, tools and methods, publications;
- Enhanced the meaning of multiple forms of culture, intercultural dialogue, cultural diversity from a perspective of everyday life;
- Been stimulated and challenged in creating more in their local communities a supportive intercultural environment;
- Taken initiative to create activities and projects on intercultural learning for the local contexts and realities;
- Discussed common European values;
- Created an interactive learning and reflection group of youth workers and organization that will establish a long term international cooperation in Erasmus + projects.

Your tasks and responsibilities within the team

I had a role of a full-time facilitator, meaning that I was responsible for design, implementation and evaluation of the learning program. The program was reviewed and evaluated every day and adjusted according to the learning needs of participants.

I worked on this training for 5 days as a full time trainer.

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