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Animate 2016

The training activity took place
in Sos del rey Católico, Spain
organised by Asociación prepirineo activo
23/11/2015 - 29/11/2015

Aims & objectives

The seminar took place in the town of Sos del Rey Catolico between 22 and 29 June 2015 and 24 technicians juvenniles youth facilitators had the opportunity to share their concerns, opinions, problems and ideas of society and the world through social theater and the possibilities of expression that it provides (spontaneity, freedom of speech, exaggeration, preparation, repetition) .From there working tools that take advantage of this methodology in the fields of intervention participants were made available.
In the seminar is to use the game, the techniques of clown and social theater as a strategy for youth work, developing skills such as creativity and entrepreneurship through workshops, debates, meetings and cultural activities linked to the social theater. The social theater and its different techniques will encourage participation and active citizenship / participant. The situations will be related to European cultural diversity, solidarity and understanding among cultures to reach a mutual understanding between the / young. After the seminar ended, tell participanets dynamic strategies and practices of what was done to enable them to implement with youth groups with which they work.
Also, the / participants experience as fun as individuals, it is linked to the concept of society and culture, and to maintain the balance between the two is a challenge at European and global level. They will learn that creativity is a bridge that supports this challenge and the symbiosis between art and expressions sociales.Todas problems during the process will be documented through the method known as a cultural mapping

Target group & international/intercultural composition of the group & team

Target: youth workers, educators , responsible of training at ONG
Countries: 24 participants of Italy, Spain, Portugal,Latvia, Estonia, Turkey and Greece

Training methods used & main activities

Learning by doing: One of the basic principles of the training course is to offer the participants a field to experience various methods themselves and then reflect on their practical experience with fellow youth workers and assess the relevance of the methods learnt for their work.
We are aware of the fact that for this kind of learning it is essential to create an atmosphere of trust and solidarity.

Simulation games, role plays, language games
Presentations: of organisations
Inputs: on intercultural learning, group processes and YOUTH IN ACTION
Group work: Practising methods in small groups of "trustworthy" participants + exchanging experience
Open Space: for the project market
Documentation: compiling a selection of games to be used in youth exchanges

Outcomes of the activity

One of the objectives of the training is to establish and develop partnerships for future ERASMUS+ projects with the focus on youth exchanges. Participants will receive a list of the project ideas developed during the training. We will co-ordinate among the participants, encourage peer support and will inform them on other international (training) activities. The results of the training will also be published on our website and in an email newsletter which is sent to all the local youth workers.
The collection of methods developed during the training will be promoted among and put at the disposal of local youth workers. Training participants are encouraged to do the same in their countries.
ELECTRONIC booklet of all dynamics and games implemented

Your tasks and responsibilities within the team

Main coordinator of the TC , design of program, ensure quality process and methodology

I worked on this training for 6 days as a full time trainer.

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