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Active European Citizens sharing their cultures - Tools of Animation

The training activity took place
in Birmingham, UK
organised by INCA UK
27 October to 3 November 2007

Aims & objectives

General objectives:
- to introduce working methods using different experiences
- to create an atmosphere of mutual understanding between people from different cultures
- to introduce context and experiences of different organisations
- to develop innovative activities at local level
- to create a space of reflection about European Citizenship, cultural diversity and intercultural dialogue
- to facilitate opportunities for young people activating their skills
- to support young people to increase their awareness of the diversity of European Citizenry
- to develop Youth Workers and Trainers’ skills, using techniques of animation
- to develop exchange of good practices at local, national and international levels using non formal education
- to activate training processes and strategies of intervention through non formal and intercultural methods

On the short term we will:
- increase the European knowledge of young people
- promote different activities with new methods
- encourage young people to take part in international activities
- develop and activate principles of anti-racism
- promote intercultural learning as tool to stimulate young people to act in a positive way in their development
- give opportunities to young people to express their art skills

On the long term we will:
- develop a mechanism that will create permanent activities to exchange experiences, using intercultural learning and comprehension as a permanent base
- create a link between local and international realities of artists and young people involved in youth policies
- support local projects working in an international dimension
- create and expand multilateral projects.

Target group & international/intercultural composition of the group & team

Youth leaders and youth workers that use arts as a tool and that are willing to cooperate in the future.

Emanuele Nargi (UK)
Rodrigo Vilarinho (Por)
Stefano D'Argenio (Ita)

Training methods used & main activities

We used games, simulations, theater tools, clown, animation and other artistic expressions. Team Building, discussions and other Non Formal Education tools were also used

Outcomes of the activity

Participants increased their technical tools, awareness and knowledge about the topics, and specially their self-confidence to apply them in their local realities. There was a final "social performance" open to a small local community.

Your tasks and responsibilities within the team

I was a full time trainer and programme designer together with Emanuele Nargi and Stefano D'Argenio.

I worked on this training for 8 days as a full time trainer.

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