This is a reference for Michail DRAKOMATHIOULAKIS

Acquisition of Skills through EVS

The training activity took place
in Nicosia, Cyprus
organised by Cyprus NA

Aims & objectives

To promote EVS to young people from/ living in Cyprus (Cypriot or not), interested on Youth progammes/ opportunities (potential EVS Volunteers).
1) To get in touch with EVS (basic information).
2) To explore competences developed through EVS (ASK Model: Attitudes, Skills & Knowledge), with an emphasis on Skills.
3) To get in touch with Key-Competences, Youthpass and Recognition of Non-Formal and Informal Learning in European Union.

Target group & international/intercultural composition of the group & team

The target group consists of young people from/ living in Cyprus (Cypriot or not).

The team of trainers consists of two (2) Cypriot (female) and one (1) Greek (male) trainers.

Training methods used & main activities

1) Presentations on EVS, ASK Model and Youthpass.
2) Case studies on EVS, showing competences developed by Voluntees during EVS projects.
3) Work in small groups.
4) Creative presentantions by pax (e.g. theatre, graffittii, etc).

Outcomes of the activity

Both the participants and the NA evaluated the workshop as a successfull one.

Your tasks and responsibilities within the team

1) Preparation/ translation of a presentation on EVS.
2) Presentation of the ASK Model of Competences.
3) Support of one (1) small group of pax in studying some case studies, identifying competences developed by Volunteers during EVS projects and presenting the outcomes to the plenary in a creative way.

I worked on this training for 1 days as a full time trainer.

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