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The training activity took place
in Wisła, Poland
organised by Fundacja Młodzi dla Europy

Aims & objectives

The aim of the project is to raise awareness of the participants and stressing the importance of organization and re-evaluate their own education, particularly through the work in an intercultural environment, but also through the implementation of their ideas at work on the local ground.
Detail objectives:
- To familiarize participants with the concept Youthpass as an educational program and the opportunities offered by the Erasmus +
- Understanding of the 8 key competences
- Development of the competencies of participants in planning non-formal education strategies and intercultural learning with an emphasis on the structure of the learning process
- A strategy better understanding of youth work and non-formal education
- Replacement of tools and methods used in work with young people on the "self-education" and to encourage them to participate actively in social life.

Target group & international/intercultural composition of the group & team

Countries: Italy, Romania, Poland, Bulgaria, Turkey.
The target group of the project are youth workers, youth leaders, volunteers and people working with young people, often with fewer opportunities coming from regions where the unemployment rate among young people is high, barriers to entering the labor market, and the impact of social and civic engagement in these matters negligible.
Participants should be active in their parent organizations have the potential and desire to acquire new knowledge and high motivation to engage in activities offered by us. In addition, they must demonstrate initiative and plan for the implementation of project assumptions not only for themselves but also for the local community, so you get. English will be required at this stage; preference will be given participants with previous experience in carrying out the activity data, or organization projects.
Each partner will be able to choose the same individual participants on the project. The call will be first announced by the partner organizations, secondly news hit the ground the local community.
Interviews will be conducted with candidates who have previously fill in the application form. Partners shall communicate the results of recruitment coordinating organization.
The target audience for this project are people between 23 and 28 years, not more than 20% of them can be above these criteria. Younger people can take part in the project if they can demonstrate their experience with YOUTHPASS and / or related to the theme of the project: non-formal education and the possibilities of its implementation in the lives of young people.
Participating organizations will be asked to selecting participants in accordance with the criteria of gender balance behavior.
During the implementation of the project design, trainers will apply the same criteria in all activities.

Training methods used & main activities

buzz groups
working among Youthpass
speed dating
meeting with experts
fish bowl
plenary discussions

Outcomes of the activity

The subject of the project is extremely important in the convention involvement of young people in the education aspect of the NGO, which is complement their knowledge acquired at school or university. This is an important issue, often overlooked, underestimated by most people. You will want therefore to involve the local community project, and the best way to reach them is to notify our project to local media, which, through a series of articles and reports make about us reach a wider audience. After completion of the projects we want to achieve a multiplier effect through the implementation of the acquired knowledge in our local communities, and other regions, all of which will come from the other participants. A very important element will be to issue an information brochure by which we achieve substantial impact not only on our local environment, (Polish), but thanks to her translation, the languages ​​of our partners (Turkish, Bulgarian, Romanian, Italian) and the language widely regarded in Europe as standard (English), we will be able to leave the initiative and inspiration to take the next steps by a large number of young people, engaging them to create an open civil society. All information, movies, presentations will also be placed on the websites of all organizations involved in the project. Partners will be required to present the effects of the project (in the form of videos and photos) in their environments, which will have to produce an additional impact on the people you work every day.

Your tasks and responsibilities within the team

Preparation, Selection process, Networking, Implementation, Evaluation, Dissemination

I worked on this training for 8 days as a full time trainer.

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