Neomenioi (GR)

Our group name NEOMENIOI derives from the Greek words neo- (=new) and men-(=moon, month) which used to be a qualifier to Apollo quoted in Homer's Odyssey... so, in a way, it can freely be translated as the children of the new moon. Αpollo, though a solar deity, he influenced the phases of the moon and the movement of the months. NASA named its lunar explorations after Apollo, too. "One great leap for mankind", Neil Armstrong said. In our group we believe that for youth only the moon is the limit. Apollo was also a patron of young people and as such he was offered their first hair.
Our logo suggests that the vigorous leap of a young person forms a full moon over a slice of a young moon and at the same time forming a globe.
We are interested in:
a) youth exchange programmes so that young group members can explore and exploit non-formal learning, benefit from and contribute in intercultural contexts, get involved in co-operative activities, expand their perspectives and become better citizens of the world.
b) training courses around Europe to explore, acquaint ourselves with and consolidate NFE principles and practices.

Past projects

Anti-Discrimination Perspectives in NFE

Anti-discrimination in diverse societies via NFE methods on stereotypes, prejudice,exclusion, hate speech, xenophobia, racism.

I, You, We...Dance

Dance for: 1. physical health, 2. mental balance, 3. re-connection to tradition, 4. anti-discrimination and intercultural dialogue.

Game of Dances (GoD)

Sedentary life affects health.Stress influences mental balance.People are defaced by globalization, lose connection with their roots.Societies need tolerance.

A Paradigm of Anti-Discrimination Awareness (P.AN.D.A.)

P.AN.D.A. will enhance anti-discrimination in diverse societies.NFE will be employed on stereotypes, prejudice,exclusion, hate speech, xenophobia, racism.

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Neomenioi (GR)

Contact person: Neomenioi Informal Youth Group


Neomenioi (GR) is

a Informal Group of Young People
based in Greece (Kozani)
  • Greece Kozani
focused on
  • Animals
  • Art
  • Children
  • Dance
  • Drama and theatre
  • Environment
  • Gender equality
  • Health
  • History
  • Intercultural dialogue
and interested in:
  • Youth Exchanges
  • Training and Networking
  • Transnational Youth Initiatives
  • Strategic Partnerships
Neomenioi (GR) in 160 characters:

Neomenioi (i.e. New-mooners), aims at boosting young people into exploring their potential in the world. Our logo is suggestive of exactly that!

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