Young Intelligence Association is a non-governmental organization founded in Iğdır, Turkey in 2016 after a group of educators from different backgrounds decided to unite their experience and skills to contribute to the social and personal development of local citizens via life-long learning. It has more than 240 members and 1000+ involved in local and international youth activities since its establishment.
We aim to support the active involvement of local citizens of all ages and all professions in various areas of public life;
- to promote personal development and democratic citizenship, volunteering and youth mobility;
- sport and healthy lifestyle;
- to support the development of the abilities and potential of young people from different social and ethnic groups, and young people with disabilities;
- to raise awareness on respect, empathy, and tolerance between youngsters;
- to promote intercultural dialogue as a tool for solving common issues and conflicts;
- to focus on issues related to human rights and acceptance of personal limitations;
- to emphasize social cohesion and its role in developing multicultural communities through different methods, such as sport, music, theatre, dance, painting, and coding;
- In order to realize our objectives, we cooperate with families, local authorities, primary schools, high schools, and universities and we develop projects with them to conduct both international and domestic projects.
Young Intelligence Association also works with schools. Under the roof of it, our key personnels provide academic support to teachers to design effective lessons and integrate information and communication technology into their lesson plans such as Multimedia Design, educational Games Design, and WEB 2.0 tools. Besides, it provides algorithm and coding courses to classroom teachers in Iğdır and our metropolitans like Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir about Scratch, and Arduino.
Young Intelligence Association is also a sender and a host organization to help them to improve participants' competencies; become aware of socially relevant topics/thematic areas, discover new cultures, habits, and lifestyles, to enable them to experience negotiations, cooperation, conversation, and civic actions, strengthen values like solidarity, democracy, friendship and so on. At the same time, helping them to strengthen their personal, social, civic, and digital competencies and to become active European citizens. Nevertheless, strives to strengthen or transform the youth work of participating organizations in an appropriate way from local to global in relation to the quality, innovation and recognition, their capacities, and scope. In an aspect of international level, we have sent hundreds of young people to the projects all around Europe about the topics of Diversity, E.U. Citizenship, E.U. awareness and Democracy, Hate Speech, Sport Activities, and Healthy Life, Green Digital and Eco-Friendly, Unemployment, Nutrition Habit, Migration and Integration of Immigrants, Cyber Crimes, European Citizenship, Human Rights and Social Exclusion through Theatre and Tolerance, information and Media Literacy.
As Young Intelligence Association, we believe that we will make a change in society by bringing citizens together and encouraging them to appear on the stage of life by equipping them with 21st-century values and skills.
In this organization, to make one member's dream come true, all the members work together.

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Past projects

The World At Your Fingertips

For visually impaired, would you like to roll the world on your fingertips for them?

Nature and Sport: Orienteering

We aim to bring together young people from another countries in Istanbul forests through a nature sport, orienteering.

Plastic Matters!

Plastic Matters is a project that aims raise awareness of the plastic use. We are searching a partner working in rural areas and fighting against plastic waste.

Handcrafts: Sank into Oblivion

Have you heard about şebeke or Telkâri? How many traditional handcrafts can you list from your country? Then what about prepairing a documentary&booklet?

Peace Through Colourful Minds

with this project we aim to overcomes the prejudice between different cultures,races,sexes,lgbt and diffferent point of views.

Paint Darkness with Fire

The aim of our project is to improve employment opportunity for young people with severe intellectual disabilities.


Gender relations represent unequal power relations for men and women in almost every aspect of life.

Play Like A Scientist

Curtain up, we are going to be theatrical scientists! We aim to put on a play about some scientists' lives to notice who should be our influencers.

Life with Dyslexia

"If something doesn't work properly, we try to find what is wrong with it; but when a child doesn't study properly what do we do?.."

Life is Gorgeous Be Together

We aim to increase the awareness and knowledge of young people about LGBT+ which will create a more peaceful, democratic, and equal society.

Remember Me

Remembrance is bliss! Remember and mind dementia to be able to remember and mind your environment, your loved ones, and most importantly, yourself!

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a Non-profit/Non-Governmental Organisation
based in Turkey (IGDIR)
  • Turkey IGDIR
focused on
  • Art
  • Conflict management
  • Democracy/Active citizenship
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Human rights
  • Intercultural dialogue
  • Non-formal learning
  • Sports
  • Unemployment/employability
  • Youth policy
and interested in:
  • Youth Exchanges
  • Training and Networking
  • Transnational Youth Initiatives
  • Strategic Partnerships
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As an association, we work on the topic of youth, exchange, psychology, technology, environment, social inclusion, art since 2016.

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