Appetiser - International Youth Work in the Context of Erasmus+: Youth in Action

The Appetiser training course brings together practitioners who work locally with young people all over Europe. It gives them a first and strongly positive experience of international youth work and introduces them to the possibilities of working in an international setting making use of Erasmus+: Youth in Action Programme

Participants are introduced to the Erasmus+: Youth in Action Programme and, more specifically, Key Action 1 which is concerned with the mobility of young people (Youth Exchanges & European Voluntary Service) as well as that of youth workers and youth leaders.

The training course shows what it means to work with young people in an international setting. Leaving all explanations and knowledge aside, it provides a space for the participants to explore the advantage of 'internationality' themselves.

The SALTO T&C RC coordinates and monitors several Appetiser training courses for youth workers from all over Europe on an annual basis. The courses are hosted by Erasmus+: Youth in Action National Agencies and implemented by Eylem Certel, Nerijus Kriauciunas and Sakis Krezios. On the right you can find a summary of the evaluation results from previous Appetisers.

The Appetiser training courses listed below are tailored for participants from several countries. If a training course has been launched already, a link will lead you to the application page. After the deadline, the respective Erasmus+: Youth in Action National Agencies assess the applications and inform all applicants about their selection results.

Please check further details in the calls opened for applications.

  • Appetiser in Latvia: 10-14 December 2018
  • Appetiser in Bulgaria: 28 May - 1 June 2019 (call will be launched in December 18)
  • Appetiser in Greece, 2nd semester 2019 (call will be launched spring 19)
  • Appetiser in the United Kingdom, 2nd semester 2019 (call will be launched spring 19)
  • Appetiser in Denmark, 1st semester 2020 (call will be launched autumn 19)
  • Appetiser in Bulgaria, 1st semester 2020 (call will be launched autumn 19)
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