Appetiser - International Youth Work in the Context of Erasmus+: Youth in Action and European Solidarity Corps

The Appetiser training course brings together practitioners who work locally with young people all over Europe. It gives them a first and strongly positive experience of international youth work and introduces them to the possibilities of working in an international setting making use of Erasmus+: Youth in Action and the European Solidarity Corps programmes.

Participants are introduced to the Erasmus+: Youth in Action programme and, more specifically, Key Action 1 which is concerned with the mobility of young people (Youth Exchanges) as well as that of youth workers and youth leaders. The European Solidarity Corps is also partially introduced: basics and information about volunteering (formely included in the above-mentioned Key Action 1 as European Voluntary Service). 

The training course shows what it means to work with young people in an international setting. Leaving all explanations and knowledge aside, it provides a space for the participants to explore the advantage of 'internationality' themselves.

The SALTO T&C RC coordinates and monitors several Appetiser training courses for youth workers from all over Europe on an annual basis. The courses are hosted by Erasmus+: Youth in Action National Agencies and implemented by Eylem Certel, Nerijus Kriauciunas and Sakis Krezios. On the right you can find a summary of the evaluation results from previous Appetisers.

The Appetiser training courses listed below are tailored for participants from several countries. If a training course has been launched already, a link will lead you to the application page. After the deadline, the respective Erasmus+: Youth in Action National Agencies assess the applications and inform all applicants about their selection results.

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