BTM - Increase the Mobility of Young People through Youth Exchanges within Erasmus+: Youth in Action

BiTriMulti (BTM) is a training course based on a simulation exercise, inputs and group work. It aims at developing the competences (knowledge, skills and attitudes) that youth workers and youth leaders need to design and deliver an inclusive, quality youth exchange process within Erasmus+: Youth in Action.

Youth exchanges are exciting and dynamic tools and have been of proven success within European and international youth work. They are a strong, effective and efficient instrument when working on empowerment opportunities for young people.

Erasmus+: Youth in Action offers the opportunity to finance and support youth exchanges. Youth exchanges within this programme allow young people from different countries and cultural backgrounds to meet and develop ideas and activities of common interest. Such youth exchanges can impact young people in a crucial way - they enhance intercultural awareness, increase motivation for taking part in future education, lead to more active participation in society, increase transferable communication competences and much more.

Several indicators are recommended to meet certain quality criteria and to be successful during the application process as well as the implementation of the project. The main aim of BTM is to support youth workers in achieving the quality standards that are expected of them.

The SALTO T&C RC coordinates and monitors several BTM training courses for participants from all over Europe on an annual basis. The training courses are hosted by the Erasmus+: Youth in Action National Agencies and implemented by two trainers from a trainers pool consisting of Elizabeth KasaGerald Dowden, Evi Koutsospyrou, Jo Claeys and Marta Piszczek.

On the right one can find the statistics related to the BTMs and a more detailed information pack for future BTM participants. Impressions and results from previous BTM courses are posted on Facebook. The blog contains good practice examples of youth exchange projects, useful tools for partner finding and resources to set up quality youth exchange projects.

The BTM courses listed below are tailored for participants from several countries. If a course has been launched already, a link will lead you to the application page. After the deadline, the respective Erasmus+: Youth in Action National Agencies assess the applications and inform all applicants about their selection results.


The following downloads are available:

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