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ID Talks is a series of 5 stand-alone online events (workshops), of up to 90 minutes each, with inspiring guest speakers, thought-provoking insights, discussion in small groups and Q&A sessions.

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8 September - 3 November 2021, Online

How can differences become a source of learning rather than conflict or prejudice?

This is a key question “ID Talks” want to help individuals and organisations to reflect upon and try to answer. After the successful first edition in the autumn of 2020 and the second edition in Spring 2021, we are continuing the “Embracing Diversity” series by organizing the Autumn edition and bringing to your attention new topics and new speakers.

“ID Talks” is a series of 5 online workshops on 5 major topics in the promotion of Inclusion & Diversity (ID) and quality youth work. It features youth workers, professionals and volunteers, from all over the world to share insights, research findings, food for thought, good practices or inspirational stories. They will guide participants through the pressing matters and challenges affecting Inclusion & Diversity and inspire them to make their programmes and organisations more inclusive, embrace human differences, look ahead and picture how the future of youth work and Inclusion & Diversity might be. 

Each workshop begins with the input from a guest speaker. After, participants have the opportunity to engage in the discussion, ask questions, and share about their own realities and experiences.


Every other Wednesday, at 1 PM CET, from 8 September until 3 November. Check the FB event here!

  • 8 September (1 PM CET) > ID Talks Race: The motto of our European Union is: ‘United in diversity’. Then why is the struggle for racial equality not over, and seems that it is just starting now in many places through important, big movements, like “Black Lives Matter”? What is racism and how can youth work address it? Guest speaker: Mohamed Barrie, City Pirates, Belgium

    ID Talks Race Article: Race, a lie with material and mental cost by Mohamed Barrie + graphic recordings by Olalla Gonzalez
    WATCH HERE: ID Talks Race Video

  • 22 September (1 PM CET) > ID Talks LGBTQIA+: Social acceptance, and sometimes even the lives of LGBTQIA+ people are still jeopardised in many countries in the 21st century. How to get a more sensible perspective and fluid take on gender and sexual orientation? How to make these taboo topics talkable and could they be addressed in (international) youth projects? Guest speaker: Dani Prisacariu, Gender Talk, Romania

    READ HERE: ID Talks LGBTQIA+ Article "ABC LGBTQIA+ & beyond" by Dani Prisacariu+ graphic recordings by Olalla Gonzalez

  • 6 October (1 PM CET) > ID Talks Class: Almost no one speaks about class anymore, and it seems, it is something left to history or marxist literature. Why so? What does class mean to you? How classes influence and shape young people’s lives? How do we create an offer that is attractive, but also accessible to all young people? Guest speaker: Falko Blumenthal, Union Secretary, Industrial Union IG Metall, Germany

    ID Talks Class Video

  • 20 October (1 PM CET) > ID Talks Gender: Gender as a multi-layer social construct, but in public discourse it is often diminished to the individuals’ physical traits. How do society's standards and expectations impact our self-image? Why are these standards gendered? How to address body awareness, body image and identity in youth work, especially in the age of digitalization and social media? Guest speaker: Tony Lashden, Belarus/Sweden

  • 3 November (1 PM CET) > ID Talks Diversity: We strive for equality in our societies, but do we appreciate the diversity that comes with it? Why should we talk about diversity? Why to embrace it? How to harness our unique perspectives, pool our collective intelligence to tackle the greatest challenges of our age? Why and how diversity strengthens any team or organisation, what personal applications does it have? What that means for young people and youth work? Guest speaker: Rahel Aschwanden, Instituto Now, Brazil

For whom?

  • Youth workers, youth leaders, professionals, and volunteers involved in ID in the EU youth programmes, as well as all those interested in youth work and Inclusion & Diversity topics.

Main objectives:

  • To provide food for thought and learn from inspirational ID stories; 
  • To provide an opportunity learn about ID topics from the youth work sector and beyond;
  • To get information, inspiration, methods to help the youth sector address ID;
  • To inform about and contribute to quality (international) youth work;
  • To identify and learn how to tackle existing and future challenges within ID;

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Check out here the recordings & articles of the ID Talks 2020 & 2021 spring edition:​

ID Talks Magazine - All articles in one!

ID Talks Faith: People all believe different things. How can we be amazed by these diverse looks on life, rather than letting faith divide people? Come and discover how youth work can address religious diversity and provide space for constructive, open and positive interaction between people with different beliefs and traditions? Guest speaker: Anna-Maria Daou, Community Engagament Coordinator & Researcher - Interreligious Dialogue, Lebanon

READ HERE:ID Talks Faith Article: People all believe different things by Anna-Maria Daou + graphic recordings by Olalla Gonzalez
WATCH HERE: ID Talks Faith Video

ID Talks Abilities: Approximately 15% of people have some form of disability. How many do you know? Come and discover personal stories and changing systems! Are you ready to learn from people with a disability who, while fighting for their rights, succeed in making a positive impact on the lives of everyone? Guest speaker: Önder İşlek, Assistant Professor at Aksaray Üniversitesi, Turkey

  • READ HERE: ID Talks Article: “My journey along with my disabilities” by Önder İşlek + graphic recordings by Olalla Gonzalez
    WATCH HERE: ID Talks Abilities Video

    ID Talks Migration: We all like to move around in this beautiful world. So what happens if we (or our parents) want to stay in another place? Learn how youth work can reach out and co-create programmes with and for young people of migrant background, and to build more open and diverse societies? Guest speaker: Dr. Lorenz Wiese, migration policy scholar, Germany

  • READ HERE: ID Talks Article: "We all like to move around in this beautiful world" by Lorenz Wiese + graphic recordings by Olalla Gonzalez
    WATCH HERE: ID Talks Migration Video 

    ID Talks Intergenerational: Is ‘youth’ work passé? Young people are not an island. So how do we bridge age gaps in communities and organisations for the benefit of all. Discover how you can create projects that bring people of different ages - both participants, volunteers and staff - together and make it work? Guest speakers: Gea Sijpkes, Director of Humanitas Deventer & Yvonne Okkema, student, The Netherlands

  • READ HERE:  ID Talks Article: "Is ‘youth’ work passé?" by Gea Sijpkes & Yvonne Okkema + graphic recordings by Olalla Gonzalez
    WATCH HERE: ID Intergenerational Video

    ID Talks Intersectional: We are all so different in different ways. Intersectionality embraces the magic that happens at the crossroads of differences. Sounds good? But how can your organization develop an intersectional perspective and incorporate intersectional approaches in your practice? Guest speaker: Georgiana Aldessa Lincan, Roma Feminist Activist, Organisation E-Romnja, Romania

  • READ HERE: ID Talks Article "Embracing diversity through intersectionality" by Georgiana Aldessa Lincan+ graphic recordings by Olalla Gonzalez
    WATCH HERE: ID Talks Intersectional Video

ID Talks Digital: How do you make online youth activities inclusive? Inclusion & Diversity on the focus of international projects in the age of Digitalization. Guest speaker: Michele Di Paola. 


Article: "How do you make online youth activities inclusive?" by Michele Di Paola + graphic recordings by Olalla Gonzalez


ID Talks Organisational: Ok, your projects are inclusive, but is your organisation too? How to build a culture of Inclusion & Diversity beyond mobility projects! Guest speaker: Rahel Aschwanden

Article: "Making our organisations more inclusive" by Rahel Aschwanden + graphic recordings by Olalla Gonzalez

ID Talks Entrepreneurial: How can an 'entrepreneurial spirit' boost your Inclusion & Diversity work? Inspiring practices of social entrepreneurship within the Inclusion & Diversity field. Guest speaker: Areg Tadevosyan

Article: "Inspiring practices of social entrepreneurship within the Inclusion & Diversity field" by Areg Tadevosyan + graphic recordings by Olalla Gonzalez

ID Talks Impact: Clever ways to measure the impact of your EU Youth project on inclusion & diversity. Measuring the impact of Inclusion & Diversity work within EU youth mobility projects and online activities. Guest speaker: Özgehan Şenyuva

Article: "Clever ways to measure the impact of your EU Youth project on inclusion & diversity" by Özgehan Şenyuva + graphic recordings by Olalla Gonzalez

ID Talks Future: The future of Inclusion & Diversity: what kind of society do we want to build? Guest speaker: Erica Bol

> Article: "Futures Literacy" by Erica Bol + Graphic Recordings by Olalla Gonzalez

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