On Track 6 REUNION - Different youth work approaches for different NEET situations

A cross-sectoral conference on NEET issues and showcasing of good practices, with the emphasize on cooperation between youth work and other sectors (formal education, employment, social & business sector...). 
6-10 December, Istanbul, Turkey

“On Track Journey”- how we travelled from 2016 till 2022 and whom we travelled with

On Track 6 REUNION Session Recordings, 7 & 9 December 2022, Istanbul

"What NEET track are Europe & Turkey on?" by Burcu Oy (Turkey)

"What NEET track are Europe & Turkey on?" by Ian Goldring (Belgium)

"What NEET track are Europe & Turkey on?" by Ozgehan Senyuva (Turkey)

"How do we travel together?" by Max Fras (UK)

Download here: On Track 6 Report

On Track is about: 

  • Networking 
  • Celebrating 
  • Creating Impact
  • Building Partnerships
  • Disseminating 
  • Developing 
  • Jubilating
  • Initiating
  • Jump Starting networks

THEME: Young People in a NEET (Not in Education Employment or Training) situation

This cross-sectorial conference is addressing NEET issues and showcasing good practices, with emphasis on partnership building and cooperation between youth work and other sectors (formal education, employment, social and business sector...). 

"On Track" is part of the SALTO Inclusion & Diversity (SALTO I&D) Resource Centre, as well as the Turkish National Agency (NA), a longer-term strategic approach to reach young people who are excluded from the system and see how we can reconnect them to society and improve their opportunities in life. It has become an annual gathering of the professionals working on NEET issues and it is supported by the NA Strategic Partnership on Inclusion NEET working group.

The 1st conference was organized in 2016 and the 2022nd one is ALUMNI edition which is celebrating achievements and bringing former and new On Track people together to connect and develop future partnerships. 

The SALTO ID research & publication on NEET issues "On track - Different youth work approaches for different NEET situations" has been published in 2015.

Date & venue of the conference:

  • 6 (arrival in the evening) - 10 December (departure in the morning), Istanbul, Turkey

Aim of the conference:

To support collaboration and exchange between professionals from different sectors in order to create better opportunities for young people in a NEET situation enabling their active involvement in society.


  • To provide opportunities for cooperation and networking for professionals working with young people in NEET situations, by connecting newcomers and the alumni On Track participants.
  • To explore different NEET realities in order to identify similarities and space for international cooperation.
  • To share different ways of working, practices, resources and tools.
  • To look into developments and impact of (youth) workwith young people in a NEET situation.
  • To create the space for celebrating achievements in addressing the NEET issues.

Check the draft conference programme here!

Profile of participants:

100 professionals, participants of previous On Track Conferences and new applicants  with experience working on the issue of vulnerable young people in NEET situations (face-to-face workers as well as managers/decision makers):

  • • Youth workers/youth leaders ( grassroots – involved in outreach youth work and directly working with young people in a NEET situation)
  • • Teachers, school support staff, alternative education staff, vocational programme staff
  • • Social workers, representatives of social services
  • • Local authorities/policy makers responsible for social provision
  • • Employers, apprenticeships programmes, employment agencies, job centres, job clubs, job coaches
  • • Researchers, academics with focus on NEET
  • • Other sector professionals directly working with young people: health, justice, sports, police, education, trade unions, welfare
  • Young people

from E+: YOUTH IN ACTION PROGRAMME COUNTRIES & Partner Countries Neighbouring the EU (South Mediterranian, Western Balkan, Eastern Partnership) and Russian Federation.


On Track Session Recordings, 9th of December 2021, Istanbul

"New Normal" - reality of youth work in post-pandemic by Ozgehan Senyuva (Turkey) 

"A Brave New Future" - future trends, challenges and opportunities by Oğuz Demir (Turkey) and how to build resilience by John Loughton (Scotland) 

The On Track participants have marked the International Human Rights Day with the following video: "Human Rights Are Important Because..."

Download here the evaluation report and check how the participants felt and what they said about the conference!

Video recordings 2020

Watch here all the On Track4 2020 conference video recordings - featuring NEET experts inputs:

  • NEET issues in a Nutshell by Ian Golding, Belgium
  • Voice of Young People by Jeferson Tonerio (Colombia) and Sara Hamouda Khalil Mohamed (Egypt)
  • Voice of Young People by Annastahia Baino (The Netherlands)
  • Voice of Young people by Domagoj Barisic (Croatia / Germany)
  • Ozgehan Senyuva, Turkey - impact of international youth work on young people in NEET situations
  • Michele Di Paola, Italy - digitalization and inclusiveness of youth work
  • Cathy Street, UK - impact of the pandemic and other changes on the mental health of the young people
  • How its done outside Europe? Indian perspective on NEET issues by Kanika Sinha and Ritikaa Khunnah (India)

    For all the conference 2020 reports, resources... check here!


The following downloads are available:

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