Training Course on Inclusion & Group Initiatives 2002

How to use the YOUTH programme - and more specifically Group Initiatives - in the work with young people with less opportunities

This SALTO course was part of the European Commission's Strategy for Inclusion of Young People with Less Opportunities in the YOUTH programme and was complementary to the National Agencies' work on Inclusion.

Dates and Venue

This course was organized twice.

  • From 7 April to 14 April 2002
  • From 31 May to 7 June 2002

Both courses took place in Blankenberge, at the Belgian coast and were co-ordinated by SALTO Inclusion.


The overall aim of the course was to promote the use of the YOUTH programme - and more specifically Group Initiatives (Action 3) in the work with young people with less opportunities - and to enhance the quality of the projects with these target groups.


Documentation - Coaching Guide

The full report of the programme and all the methods used is available to download at the bottom of this page. You are welcome to use and adapt them!

The SALTO Youth Initiatives Resource Centre developed a coaching guide for Group Initiatives.

Concrete Outcomes

The SALTO TC Inclusion and Group Initiatives gave birth to eight YOUTH programme projects and to lots of networking and co-operation on other activities. Another great outcome is that 85% of the participants used the methods of the course again (download them here). The course boosted the confidence, commitment and skills of the participants for Group Initiative projects. Read the full evaluation report below detailing the outcomes of the course.


In total 44 youth workers from over 20 different countries (27 from EU/EFTA - 17 from Pre-Accession countries, 24 female - 20 male) participated.

Team of Trainers

The trainers team was composed of

  • Ully Enn (F, Estonia, trainer)
  • Aasa Gustafson (F, Sweden, trainer)
  • Abdallah Roulhi (M, Belgium, trainer)
  • Tony Geudens (M, Belgium, coordinator)

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