Training Course on Inclusion & EVS 2001

How to use the YOUTH programme - and more specifically short-term European Voluntary Service - in the work with young people with less opportunities. Have a look at the course description and the outcomes of the course.

Dates & Venue

This SALTO course took place twice:

  • From 31 March to 8 April 2001
  • From 12 to 20 May 2001

Both courses took place in Antwerp, Belgium and were co-ordintated by the SALTO Inclusion Resource Centre.


The overall aim was to promote the inclusion of young people coming from disadvantaged backgrounds in the YOUTH programme - more specifically in (short term) EVS - and to enhance the quality of the projects with these target groups.


Documentation - Use Your Hands to Move Ahead

The full report of the programme and all the methods used is available in the Toolbox for Training (click here) or download it below. You are welcome to use and adapt them!

Booklet: Use Your Hands to Move Ahead

n indirect outcome of this course was SALTO Inclusion's conceptual work on how to adapt European Voluntary Service to young people with fewer opportunities. This led to an educational publication called "Use Your Hands to Move Ahead" (more here).

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In the first course 24 youth workers participated from 18 different countries and in the second one 22 from 20 countries. Amongst these 46 youth workers there were 11 men and 35 women. Amongst the participants, 19 came from 'pre-accession countries'.

Team of Trainers

  • Hazel Low (M, UK-FR, trainer)
  • Kathy Schroeder (F, CA-NL, trainer)
  • Jo Claeys (M, BE-PT, trainer)
  • Tony Geudens (M, BE, coordinating)
  • Caroline de Kerckhove (F, BE, coordinating)

More info on Inclusion...

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The following downloads are available:

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