Role of the Youth Worker

You, as a youth worker, are a motor for change in a rural setting. You can build up relationships with the young people there and stimulate them to become active in their rural environment and improve their living conditions and opportunities.

Get Active - Exercise

Ask yourself: How do you see your role?

  • To help young people to find their own way, to become involved and active
  • To pursue a change in the community
  • To inspire young people / to create ideas
  • To give young people the chance to explore the world
  • To give young people a positive self-image
  • To offer young people interesting things to do in their free time
  • To acquire funding for projects
  • To create a strong link between youth work and the benefits to the whole community (no successful community without happy young people:-)
  • To do something for 'somebody else' - but also do it for 'yourself' (your chance to learn professionally and personally)
  • To open young people's minds
  • To offer Non-Formal Education and leisure time activities
  • To offer space for self-development and being creative
  • To be aware of their identity and find their place in local society
  • To give young people an active role - make them responsible
  • To be a coach for young people
  • To get involved in the young people's 'way of life', in order to design projects according to their own desires and needs

Is there anything missing for you?

  • What is the most important feature (skill, competence,..) a rural youth worker needs to have in your village/rural area?
  • Why are YOU a rural youth worker?
  • What are your personal motivations?

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From the SALTO TC Rural:

Mariana (Estonia) "I am a youth worker because I love dealing with the challenges of rural youth, because I want to help people find their own way to become involved and active."

Korhan (Turkey): "Working with young people opens my mind."

Luis (Portugal): "Observing the work I do ... it makes a difference in the community and that keeps me motivated to go on ... and achieve more, as well as involve more young people."

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