Bridges to Work Participants

Bridges to Work brings together different stakeholder involved in youth employment & entrepreneurship initiatives. They can inspire each other, but at the same time root their actions in reality.

Youth employment initiatives

  • Youth/social workers or project managers of projects that increase young people's employability or entrepreneurial skills (NGOs, youth work, private,...) - they participate in Bridges together with a young person from their project.
  • Staff of European & national programmes and structures that'support young people's chances in labour market' as part of their inclusion efforts (e.g. DG Employment, OECD, ILO, Youth in Action, SALTO, Life Long Learning, European Social Fund, Progress, national programmes)

The employment sector


Young people

  • A 'control group' of unemployed young people (especially those at disadvantage on the labour market e.g. inclusion groups, long-term unemployed) who are involved in an employment or entrepreneurship project

Institutional partners & policy makers


The following downloads are available:

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