Bridges to Work Programme

Bridges to Work took concrete steps forward to improve young people's chances on the labour market, expecially of those at disadvantage compared to their peers.

Monday 17 October 2011

  • Arrival of young people & coaches (only) - check-in at Hotel Century, Pelikaanstraat 20 next to Antwerp Central Station
  • 15h: (young people & coaches) Getting to know each other - common start
  • PM: (young people) Employed and unemployed in my country
  • PM: (coaches) Who is who? Who is doing what?
  • EVE: Antwerp discoveries – city game & dinner in town

Tuesday 18 October 2011

  • AM: (young people) My own employment situation
  • AM: (coaches) Approaches to youth employment & entrepreneurship
  • The remaining participants come to check-in at the Zoo conference centre next to the Antwerp Central Station (bring your invitation letter to get access)
  • 13h: Set up Bridges to Work Fair – bring material to present your project & organisation at a stand
  • 14h: Welcome to Bridges to Work – opening session for ALL conference participatns
  • PM: (young people) Looking at unemployment from a young person’s perspective (parallel session)
  • PM: "No more youth unemployment" (key-note) - Niall O'Higgins (professor University Salermo, IZA research fellow, formerly ILO employment specialist) - reasons for youth unemployment are so varied that we should speak of youth unemploymentS, or even better, of youth joblessness...
  • PM: "Asian, female, penniless, single-parent, victim of domestic violence... I had all the disadvantages except for a wooden leg!" (key-note) - Madi Sharma (Employers' Group, European Social Economic Committee) - from housewife to international multi-business manager - voted UK's best boss because of her work young long-term unemployed people
  • PM: “Young people take the floor” – responding to youth unemployment – group work
  • EVE: Dinner in a Belgian Beer Brewery

Wednesday 19 October 2011

  • 9h: "What works, what doesn't" - Ian Goldring (Director, ProjectWorks) - effectiveness of youth work interventions towards social inclusion, by means of increasing employability of at risk young people - based on the research: Inclusion through Employability
  • AM: (young people) Workshop on entrepreneurship with Madi Sharma
  • AM: (others) Good employment & entrepreneurship practices – workshops by participants – 2 rounds
  • 14h: “How do employers do it?” Panel discussion with GE Hungary (tbc), McDonalds (tbc), G4 Security, Equa Estonia
  • PM: Antwerp, employment & entrepreneurship – visits to local projects
  • EVE: Dinner in a social restaurant – an employment project

Thursday 20 October 2011

  • 9h: Funding programmes & structures – support for employment and entrepreneurship
  • AM: What needs to happen now? – action planning
  • AM: (parallel session) Evaluating 3 years SALTO Inclusion efforts combating youth unemployment
  • PM: Creating positive impact - analysis from different stakeholders' perspectives
  • PM: Conclusions, closing & surprise act - by general rapporteur, organisers & special guest
  • EVE: Surprise dinner… (you’ll regret if you miss it)

Friday 21 October 2011

  • Departure


This draft programme is based on meetings with different stakeholders and reports of previous youth un/employment initiatives. It will be finetuned and implemented by the team of expert-facilitators: Kathy Schroeder (NL/CA), Maram Anbar (ES/EG), Deirdre Quinlan (IE), Ansgar Bueter-Menke (DE) & Gisèle Evrard (ES/BE, general rapporteur).

Bridges to Work will have a dynamic mix of expert inputs as well as group work. Different stakeholders sit together to share and inspire each other - and work on concrete projects.

Employers, job centres, researchers and policy makers will be invited to assure that all the un/employment initiatives are feasible and realistic on the labour market.

The group of young people will go through a seperate process (starting already on 17 Oct pm), with interactive methodology facilitated by 2 trainers. At strategic moments the young people present their ideas to the other stakeholders or react to the conference discussions - to link the discussions to their needs.


The following downloads are available:

  • Programme Overview Bridges to Work

    All discussions, inputs and workshops in a nutshell - both for young people & coaches (arriving on 17 October) and the rest of the stakeholders (arriving 18 October).

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