TOTEM II: Training of Trainers

TOTEM (Training of Trainers in EuroMed) is a long-term training course within the EuroMed area.

TOTEM has been designed to support the learning of those youth workers and youth leaders - already experienced within EuroMed Youth Cooperation - who want/need to develop their competences as trainers in this field.

TOTEM responds to the need of developing specific EUROMED-related competences in the field of training and tries to address to a very specific target group of candidates, being its existence part of an overall bigger strategy which encompass also supporting Youth In Action and EuroMed Youth IV programmes.


TOTEM is a long term training course of trainers in EuroMed.

It is articulated in 4 phases (2 of them being residential seminars) and includes activities carried on in-between the seminars.
It constitutes a complementary training course to the "Euromed Essentials" training Courses.

Target Group

The candidates for TOTEM:
• are youth workers / youth leaders who have experiences in the field of intrenational work and/ or in EuroMed;
• want to become trainers in EuroMed context;
• are able to work well and to express themselves in English;
• are motivated to contribute to the learning process of the training course;
• are committed to attend for the full duration and in all phases/elements of the course (Youthpass will be given at the end of the whole training course).


To contribute to the quality improvement of training activities in EuroMed ;
To contribute, to the development of a network of trainers on a Euro-Mediterranean level and to be an qctive actor in the field of EuroMed Youth Cooperation.


To support the participants deep comprehension of the Euro-Mediterranean context (with all its cultural, historical, geopolitical, emotional implications)

To improve and deepen the specific training competences of the course participants (future trainers in EuroMed) for them to be able to competently design, implement and evaluate training activities

To support a common "educational approch" within the learners


The methodology of TOTEM is based on the approach and practice of non-formal education in youth worker and youth leader training, as they have been developed and implemented in the past years in training activities which - to different extents - had something to do with training of trainers in EuroMed.

Amongst others, the training methodology is based on the experiences developed by:

  • The SALTO-EuroMed resource centre.
  • The partnership between the CoE and the EU on EuroMed and on youth training.
  • The experiences developed by NGOs and third sector in general within the EuroMed Youth and Youth in Action programmes


  • Background of YiA and EuroMed Youth IV Programmes;
  • YiA and EuroMed Youth IV Programmes;
  • Non Formal Education;
  • Design a training activity;
  • Project management;
  • Educational Tools;
  • Educational Evaluation;
  • Communication skills;
  • Coaching.

Steps of TOTEM

Beside of everything mentioned above, TOTEM can be also considered - on the timeline - as a series of 4 subsequent steps:

1.Pre-arrival preparation in order that participants have the needed level/background to start the Training for Trainer in EuroMed;

2 .An introductory seminar, to be held in Turkey, which will focus on the acquisition of skills and knowledge and to the set-up of training projects by participants.

3. Coaching Phase: A period of time devoted - for participants - to finish writing their projects and present them at the 1st February 2012 deadline. During this period of time coaching should begin. The paricipants will be followed by their coachs during this time for supporting their learning process.

4. A final seminar to be held in Turkey for analysing the outcome of participants' projects, assessing their learning, working on training quality criteria and complementary aspects of the specificity work in the EuroMed Region.


1. First training seminar (in Turkey). 18th - 29th (10 full working days) October 2011
2. Deadline of 1st of February to apply a Training project in Youth In Action or EuroMed Youth IV programmes
3. Implementation of the projects approved
Second training seminar (in Turkey). Dates to be define (10 full working days) October or November 2012

Bording and loadging will be covered by the Hosting National Agency.

Travel cost for Programme Countries will be covered by the Sending National Agency.

Travel cost of Meda Contries will be covered by SALTO EUROMED following these rules:

70% of travel cost (the less expensive flight only) and 100 % of VISA.

Venue: EuroMed Youth Center, Adrasan, Turkey

Deadline: 11/07/2011

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