EuroMed Essentials: History.Knowing better the past to understand the present and prepare the future

Qualification Training Course for active trainers at national and international level.

The importance to know the past for better understand and work in the present!

The training proposal has as main aim to increase the level of knowledge and competency in working in Mediterranean area for trainers active at national, international level or potential trainers (youth worker and youth leaders).

The proposal is articulated in 3 modules:
1st module about Geopolitics;
2nd module about History;
3rd module about Religion.

Each module is independent by the others.
The first module about Geopolitics has been hosted in Greece in 2010.

The topic of History is very important in the framework of EuroMed cooperation because it is the basement for understanding the nowadays political and social situation.

The History is in itself an educational Tool that could be used during the international activities for better develop and support the mutual understanding and deepest refection about interlinks among cultures and civilizations.

Aims and objectives:

By facilitating establishment of learning community and sustainable partnerships, the seminar has the following objectives :

  • To explore the historical background of Mediterranean Basin;
  • To learn about History in the framework of EuroMed area;
  • To reflect about the interconnection about countries in the time line of the past to the present;
  • To reflect and explore possibilities of non-formal education activities using History as educational Tool;
  • To support participants to identify and start projects development.
  • Youth leaders, Youth workers, Project managers working in the filed of Youth


The methodology of EuroMed Essentials is based on the approach and practice of non-formal education in youth worker and youth leader training, as they have been developed and implemented in the past years in training activities which - to different extents - had something to do with training of trainers in EuroMed.

Target group

Youth leaders, Youth workers, Project managers working in the filed of Youth

Working Language


Deadline: 26/04/2011

Bording and loadging will be covered by the Hosting National Agency.

Travel cost for Programme Countries will be covered by the Sending National Agency.

Travel cost of Meda Contries will be covered by SALTO EUROMED following these rules:

70% of travel cost (the less expensive flight only) and 100 % of VISA.

Application online

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