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The higher education system of Belarus is represented by 56 universities with 1,044 study programs. In addition 539 Bachelor programs at 53 universities, 372 Master programs at 47 universities and 133 PhD programs at 28 universities.

A bachelor degree requires students to take fewer courses and focus more on exploring the liberal arts. Bachelor students have more freedom when customizing their education needs to fulfill their chosen career goals and personal aspirations. The most commonly chosen bachelor courses include English, Art, Theatre, Communications, Modern Languages and Music. A list of bachelor degrees and their majors and studies would be almost infinite to classify. However, three most popular types of bachelor degrees include Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Fine Arts.

Choosing a Master's Program is similar to selecting a bachelor for an undergraduate degree or selecting an undergraduate college. However, there are some differences. An important Part of choosing a university to complete a master requires looking for a faculty or professor whose work you admire and who you'd like to study with. Financial aid is important when choosing a mater program, as some programs offer full support, others do not. Identify the career you are working for! Choose a program that matches career goals and provides opportunities for specialization. Focus on a particular study area, such as a Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in Playwriting or Acting or Master of Science (MS) in Biology this will eliminate a number of universities that do not offer these specific master's programs.

Choosing a university to study for a PhD, it pays to spend time, reviewing the websites of chosen universities, reading the profiles of the professors and faculties to gather information and choose the best PhD program or university. However, some doctoral candidates think that the universities with higher rankings are best to apply for missing some middle-ranked universities which are excellent at their doctoral preparedness. Selecting a high-ranked university with narrow acceptance criteria may lose two or three years preparing and applying for the university. However, in the same time period, if they had applied for a position in a lower-ranked university, prospective doctoral candidates have a higher chance of applying and completing in a period of three years, finishing most parts of their PhD program in the time spent applying for a higher university.

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