Evaluation seminar "Let’s EVALUATE with our Neighbours"

Evaluation seminar of projects realised in frames of Youth in Action (YiA) Programme in cooperation between partners from three neighbouring regions: Eastern Europe and Caucasus, South East Europe and Euromed as well as Programme Countries.


In 2007 regional SALTOs Euromed, SEE and EECA together with European Commission and French National Agency organised a seminar "Let's MEET our Neighbours and the World". At that time we wanted to give a big kick-off seminar that would open possibilities for cooperation with the Neighbouring Countries and the World within Youth in Action Programme.

Next year, 2008, our cooperation developed and together with National Agencies of France, Poland and Slovenia we had organised a second stage of "Let's..." events - "Let's WORK with our Neighbours". Aim of this multidimensional seminar was to develop further high quality projects within priorities of Youth in Action Programme.

Now the time to EVALUATE the cooperation between partners from three neighbouring regions: EECA, SEE and Euromed as well as Programme Countries has COME!

Please visit the web-site with the report and photos from "Let's MEET our Neighbours and the World event here! + FILM

You can also learn about the "Let's WORK with our Neighbours" here! + FILM

The following Evaluation Seminar "Let's EVALUATE with our Neighbours" is a continuation of cooperation between regional SALTOs and therefore Neighbouring Partner regions.


Date and Venue

Three full working days - arrival 6th October until evening (Tuesday), departure 10th October from morning (Saturday) 2009.

Place: Warszawa, Poland.


  • to evaluate the cooperation within the Youth in Action Programme between Programme and Neighbouring Partner Countries (NPC)


  • To promote the QUALITY in cooperation with the Neighbouring Partner Countries (NPC) by evaluation/research of results
  • To collect, highlight and disseminate good practices
  • To evaluate cooperation between youth organisations by presenting good practices and sharing experiences
  • To create a kind of a 'List of recommendations' for future project partners and coordinators
  • Additionally to evaluate the cooperation between National Agencies' officers responsible for NPC, regional SALTOs and EC


This Evaluation Seminar is co-organised by regional SALTOs South East Europe, Eastern Europe & Caucasus and Euromed as well as Slovenian, French and Polish National Agencies of the Youth in Action Programme with support of other National Agencies of YiA.


The Evaluation Seminar "Let's EVALUATE with our Neighbours" will bring together 60 participants (10 participants from each of the three neighbouring regions and 30 from Programme Countries).

Additionally several National Agencies' officers responsible for NPC as well as regional SALTOs and European Commission representatives will attend the seminar.

Target group

Participants should be youth workers/youth leaders/project managers:

  • Who have mandate from their organisation;
  • Having experience in Youth in Action Programme projects in cooperation with NPC;
  • Motivation to promote projects with neighbours;
  • Priority to groups of partners of successful projects;
  • To be able to communicate in English.

Working language


Team of facilitators

Team is composed of 4 facilitators coming from different countries (one from each Partner region and Programme Country), experienced in partner countries cooperation.

  • Davide Tonon, coordinator, Spain
  • Areg Tadevosyan, Armenia
  • Hiba Tibi, Palestine
  • Lidija Buric, Croatia

Additionally one officer from each Slovenian, Polish and French National Agency as well as one officer from each regional SALTO Euromed, SEE and EECA may compose the Team.

Financial Conditions

  • The lodging, board and local transportation will be provided by the Polish National Agency of YiA Programme.
  • Travel and visa costs of Neighbouring Partner Countries participants will be covered by the relevant regional SALTO on the basis of original tickets and invoices.
  • Other National Agencies of YiA Programme will cover the travel and visa costs of participants coming from Programme Countries, according to their own rules.
  • Any insurance, especially medical is a private responsibility of each participant.

Application Procedure & Deadline

Interested applicants from Programme and Neighbouring Partner Countries should fill-in on-line application form!

Deadline for applications is PROLONGED till 4th June 2009.

Interested National Agencies' officers of action 2 and 3.1 should fill in this brief on-line questionnaire till 14th August.

Selection Procedure

The selection will be carried out by the organisers and relevant National Agencies of Youth in Action Programme. The selected participants will be informed directly by 20th June 2009. National Agencies officers will be informed by 20 August.


  • FRSE - Polish NAFRSE - Polish NA
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