Adventure Education

Adventure Education

We support the youth work sector across Europe and beyond to develop competencies in the Adventure Education pedagogy. We organise adventure centered learning experiences for youth workers and trainers. We support youth organisations to bring creativity and innovation based on emotions in the learning process.


We meet in the group of like-minded people to share experiences and inspire each other. In our playlist you can find recordings from the online lectures with practitioners of Adventure Education. Each lecture is a story of youth work practice with bits of theory and generalised conclusions:

If you like to join our community and get notifications on next events, online meet-ups and seminars, please write to with few words what is your relation to Adventure Education in youth work.


A growing number of materials related to Adventure Education in youth work:

Methodological seminars

We train each other on Adventure Education methods and discuss approaches and values of adventurous learning in youth work.

Partnership building for volunteering organisations

Discover the seminars organised from 2012 till 2017. We have prepared this digital story with lots of multimedia documentation we had gathered on the way. Our adventure education seminars are based on theories and concepts of:

Digital story in a full screen version!

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