Youth Trainers Learning Community

The Learning Community is a possibility for youth trainers from Eastern Europe and the Caucasus to develop their professional competences.


The Learning Community is made of actual, contracted trainers from the pool for European Solidarity Corps (with no interference to their contractual responsibilities to facilitate trainings and seminars related to European volunteering) as well as following, perspective youth trainers from the region:

  1. Mkrtich Dallakyan, Armenia
  2. Nelli Gishyan, Armenia
  3. Anna Yeghoyan, Armenia
  4. Hranush Shahnazaryan, Armenia
  5. Elmurad Mammadov, Azerbaijan
  6. Nurana Mammadova, Azerbaijan
  7. Marisha Korzh, Belarus/Georgia
  8. Volha Paddubnaya, Belarus/Germany
  9. Yuliya Stankevich, Belarus/Georgia
  10. Paata Alaverdashvili, Georgia
  11. Alexandra Isaicul, Moldova
  12. Vitalie Cirhana, Moldova
  13. Ruzanna Ivanyan, Russia/Armenia
  14. Iaroslav Gerashchenko, Ukraine
  15. Maria Gerashchenko, Ukraine
  16. Kateryna Zeziulina, Ukraine
  17. Vitalii Volodchenko, Ukraine
  18. Andriy Donets, Ukraine

The membership in the Community is not limited in time and is not legally binding, so depends on good will of all stakeholders. The Community can be enlarged in any moment, in case there is a need and potential for support from SALTO EECA side. Members of the Learning Community meet the following basic criteria:

  • have experience of facilitating at least 3 international events based on non-formal education methodology, each at least 4 days long;
  • are proficient in English;
  • are residing for at least last 3 years in one of the Eastern Partnership countries or Russia (exceptions are acceptable, if well justified);


  • members of the Learning Community are considered in a first row for participation in youth trainers’ competences building activities, like Comets, Trainers Skills Workshops, Bridges for Trainers and other general youth trainers’ events;

  • upon direct, bilateral agreement, members of the Learning Community can receive SALTO EECA support to participate in Trainings of Trainers as well as job-shadowings at trainings and seminars organised by different National Agencies of Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps;

  • members of the Learning Community meet once a year to share their learning, inspire each other, plan cooperation, etc. as well as to take part in specialised workshops;

  • members of the Learning Community join the virtual space (FB group) to further share, inspire and cooperate;


If you have any questions about the Learning Community, please contact directly with

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