NA Network Training Courses under Erasmus+ Youth in Action

Find here information for training formats offered regularly by the network of E+YiA NAs

As one instrument for supporting the development of quality in the training strategies of the NAs of Erasmus+ Youth in Action, different structures of the Programme co-ordinate regular below listed courses for several target groups, the so called NA Network Training Courses.

The different structures co-ordinating these courses agreed to follow below listed common co-ordination standards. In order to learn more about the courses in details, please click on the titles below and contact the different co-ordinators mentioned above the courses listed.

NA Network TCs co-ordinated by the

  • Appetiser- supports newcomers to enter international youth work as part of their work with youth.
  • BiTriMulti (BTM) - supports youth workers and youth leaders developing the competences needed  to design and deliver an inclusive, quality youth exchange process.
  • SOHO - supports mentors working with volunteers - European Voluntary Service projects.
  • TicTac - supports youth worker understanding Training and Networking projects as a strategic tool to develop international youth work of the organisation.

NA Network TCs co-ordinated by the

  • GET IN NET - develop high quality Networking projects, after which you are expected to implement a Transnational youth initiative.

NA Network TC co-ordinated by the

  • ATOQ - Are you interested in a successful youth exchange with a clear taste of quality? The Advanced Training On Quality (ATOQ) is a training course for volunteer and professional youth workers/leaders. This course looks back on your past experience(s) implementing youth exchanges, focus on quality aspects and improve management competences in order to raise the quality of your future youth exchanges. Discover the different ingredients which turn your exchange into a challenging and enriching learning experience for all involved! Wake up and smell the coffee…If you want to find more information on ATOQ, click HERE.

NA Network TC co-ordinated by the

  • The Power of Non-Formal Education - Non Formal Education has existed for as long as we know. But only recently it has been given the clarity and recognized importance it deserves! Improving the impact of Non Formal Education (NFE) is the aim, principles and methods in empowering young people as real actors of the society (from local to Europe) can be learned and discussed. .If you want to find more information on Power of NFE, click HERE


Common principles for NA network TCs

  • NA Network TCs can be co-ordinated by NAs or by SALTOs, they should be organized on behalf of the whole network. Workload can be delegated to external assistance.

  • Because of the eligible TCA criteria, the coordinator should guarantee that at least 2 countries will be involved in the courses.

  • To receive the status of a NA Network TC, there should be a pilot phase to develop an approved training concept to which many NAs want to send many participants.

  • There should be a public information pack available online which all NAs can access to understand the need and target audience.

  • The call for NAs to express needs to send participants / host courses should be made in time before the annual TCA Meetings of the NAs and available to all NAs well in time before the submission date of TCA. The TCA Meetings should offer NAs the possibility to express interest.

  • NAs should regularly host a NA network TC.

  • Each NA Network TC should have a qualified pool of trainers to ensure that the needed number of courses per year can be implemented and a certain common quality standard is kept in the delivery.

  • Criteria to recruit new trainers should be transparent but can be different between the different NA Network TCs.

  • An annual meeting of the trainer pool/group to evaluate and develop the NA Network TC should be an instrument to develop the course concept and to allow coherent delivery of the courses by different trainers of the pool.


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