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Youth Voice: One Step Closer to Sustainability in Youth Work

The training activity took place
in Kahramanmaras, Turkey
organised by Renaissance Institute

Aims & objectives

Overall Objectives of the project:
*To gather youth NGOs representatives and youth workers in order to establish a strong ICT based international network which will serve as a tool for increasing sustainability of youth NGOs and quality of youth services.
*To deepen understanding of youth NGOs’and youth workers about the sustainability in their own organization
*To search for ways of setting up sustainable approaches in youth NGOs.
*To discover Key Action 2: Capacity Building Projects, as a tool for bringing sustainability into youth NGOs’
*To plan and write Capacity Building project.As a result, we expect to have common understanding of Youth Voice Thematic Network which will be developed among us. Detailed devision of the contributions and responsibilities are essetials in order to realise Youth Voice Network after training course.

Target group & international/intercultural composition of the group & team

Target Group: 28 Project Coordinators, Programme Managers, Board Members & Presidents of NGOs from Turkey, Albania, Serbia, Slovakia, Poland, Romania, Moldova7

Basicly, people who are in charge of designing activities and strategies on local level come together in this TC.

Composition of participants: 28 participants from 7 countries (Turkey, Romania, Poland, Serbia, Slovakia, Moldova, Albania).

Training methods used & main activities

Training course is funded by Turkish NA in the frame of Erasmus+ Programme. TC designed by team of trainers by addressing needs of partners and priorities of Erasmus+ Programme.

Non-formal and in-formal methodologies are used during training course. Some of the methods used in training are simulation, role plays, team building activities, presentations, jigsaw method, stations method, team-tasks.

Outcomes of the activity

Short term result: Sharing need with youth NGOs across Europe and take their valuable comments in to consideration.

Long term result: An online social network which connects young people, individuals, and organisations who is working young people in order to answer their needs.

Your tasks and responsibilities within the team

Due to my responsibilities of full time work in Ankara University, I couldn't took part designing the programme details during preparetion phase. How ever I took part in the very begining of project on the level of deciding about objectives and draft flow.

Then during the implementation of training course, I cooperate to update session outlines and co-facilitated sessions with two other facilitators: Basia Ligas, Ozgur Yasar Akyar.

I worked on this training for 7 days as a full time trainer.

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