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Youth entrepreneurship equals youth employment

The training activity took place
in Leskovac, Serbia
organised by Association People's Parliament
from 14 - 21 October 2012

Aims & objectives

Youth in Action Programme project, Action 3.1 training course by name “Youth entrepreneurship equals youth employment” was held in period from 14 - 21 of October 2012 in Leskovac, Republic of Serbia.

The project tackled the issues of youth unemployment and poverty by stimulating young people’s spirit of initiative, creativity and entrepreneurship.

Objectives on this project were:
- to use project writing to help development of the quality and effectiveness of support systems for youth interested in entrepreneurship, especially those young people with fewer opportunities who are today facing more serious economic obstacles than before.
- to promote Youth in Action Programme and non formal education as a tool for youth entrepreneurship.
- to stimulate participants' spirit of initiative, creativity and entrepreneurship.- to invest into participants’ personal capacities for supporting youth self – employment, forming of cross – border cooperation partnerships and raising pro – activeness of their organizations in youth entrepreneurship field, to a new, higher level.
- to promote entrepreneurship and empowerment of youngsters through creative and independent thinking about business and their employment prospects.

Target group & international/intercultural composition of the group & team

The project gathered 36 youth workers active in the field of supporting self-employment of youth, youth entrepreneurship, and allowed them to invest into their personal capacities for supporting youth self-employment, forming of cross-border cooperation partnerships and raising pro-activeness of their organizations in youth entrepreneurship field, to a new, higher level.

Participants from Serbia, Macedonia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Romania, Bulgaria and Hungary have participated in 7 - day long training course.

Total number of participants was: 36

Training methods used & main activities

The working methods used on this training course were non-formal education and informal way of learning. This included: games, energizers, ice-breakers, team building exercises, individual and group activities, work on practical examples in a small groups, thematic workshops, discussions, debates, presentations...

Also, the training course itself was conducted using an interactive and participative approach. Team of 2 experienced Salto youth trainers was carried out the program of the training which was based on the experiences, needs and knowledge of the participants.

Outcomes of the activity

Youth workers had an opportunity to participate in a 7-day long training course with the aim to get necessary knowledge and skills and to use that in empowering young people without jobs and particularly those youngsters with fewer opportunities that are facing major economic obstacles, especially in the current time of global economic crisis and high levels of youth unemployment.

Through this project we helped development of the quality of support systems for youth interested in entrepreneurship and strengthen the cross-border cooperation capacities of organizations from the region to work in this area.

Project activities are promoted cross-border cooperation in the field of youth entrepreneurship development and this was used as a partnership-building chance that will bring networking between participating organizations/institutions and other interested actors in areas of self-employment in order to later create mutually supportive and efficient infrastructure in the region.

Also during training course participants became able to recognize importance of the active engagement opportunities within Youth in Action and other youth programs.

Your tasks and responsibilities within the team

In this training course I worked as a trainer with my colleague Dejana Bibic, Salto youth trainer In total two trainers from Serbia delivered program activities using an interactive and participative approach.

More photos from the TC on Facebook page

Short movie made by participants:

Training course supported by European Commission and Youth in Action Programme and organized by Association People's Parliament from Leskovac and

I worked on this training for 7 days as a full time trainer.

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