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Youth Action Ways to Prevent Immigration

The training activity took place
in Fethiye, Turkey
organised by lSynaos Think Tank Assocation
May 27- June 2, 2012

Aims & objectives

Concerning with today and the future, immigration is a global and vital issue for Europe. Synaos Think Tank Assocation believed that increasing awareness related to this subject is very important in terms of diminishing the problems that were caused by uncontrolled migration.
It would be wrong to see it as just a security issue for the society.
It must be thought with its economic and social aspects to figure out permanent solutions for better future of European Union.

Each team prepared a presentation about regional migration in their own country and cultural presentations.
The causes and the solutions were discussed by question-answer sessions and visual learning methods in the project.
The project, including the participation of local groups and mainly voluntary high school students, raised awareness about the immigration issue concerning European Union and helped to develop a common consciousness among young people.

Target group & international/intercultural composition of the group & team

Profile of the participants:
Youth citizens or legally residing in Europe member states were welcome to apply; Age range: 20-30.
There were represented 5 countries from 5 different NGO (Italy, Slovenia, Moldova, Turkey, Georgia). We were 25 people.

Training methods used & main activities

YE trained youngsters through non formal
education approach (theory and practice) and used the following tools:
-The project team used activities to increase
mutual understanding of the participants, icebreaking games, simulations and other non-formal learning tools.
-Local and international exsperts delivered
-The team invited psychologist that
has leaded specific sessions related to the issue.
- Team working, round table, interactive
discussions that served to exchange opinions
and to get different points of view to be applied
- Simulations, presentations as well were actively used
- Facilitator leaded debates as it's the cornerstone of democracy and therefore it's an essential skill for every European citizen to be aware in any situation.
-Furthermore, excursions in social institutions and economic infrastructure could give an impression of the current situation in Turkey.
-Finally, discussions in order to ensure the impact is attained after the training will be facilitated;
- Young people were primed before the activity
with this goal, so that they direct their learning
throughout the activity to this end.
There was peer to peer mentorship provided after the activity to assist participants in their
dissemination work and encourage them to pursue it.
The workshops provided concrete tools for
participants to take further action in their
communities for working in the social fields and
respect for minority groups.

The YE brought together Youth workers,
public servants, youth leaders, teachers trainers
and coaches involved in non formal education
activities and workig with people with fewer

Outcomes of the activity

YE wanted to improve peoples civic and social
skills in our countries in order to facilitate the
complete integration of persons with fewer
To apply this in practice the society needs well
trained aware human resources, with our training
we will make some contribution to prepare
youngsters to work in this field.
Due to this exigency on the territory, during the YE it was decided to provide a new tool in order to facilitate and improve the opportunities for young people.

Your tasks and responsibilities within the team

I was one of the Trainer during the whole event.
I specifically prepared 1 workshop about the stereotypes in Italy.
I supported the other trainers during their workshops.

I worked on this training for 7 days as a full time trainer.

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