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WWW - We Willing Women

The training activity took place
in Reggio Calabria, Italy
organised by Associazione di Volontariato New Deal
17/09/2013 - 24/09/2013

Aims & objectives

The project found its roots in the involvement and participation of young people in the development of their civil society in a plenty respect of the Human Rights with a special focus on the women role and situation in the Euro-SEE society.
The basic target was to reflect on what kind of proposal can be carried out to enhance and support the woman issues in the Euro-SEE realities considering the following different levels: social, economic, administrative and job opportunities (and equality).

The training has the following objectives: (1) Increase dialogue and cooperation between young people and political actors in order to provide a real contribution to the creation of policies for women empowerment, (2) Link the main with being an active citizen in Human Rights, fostering positive identity in order to improve both concepts, (3) Lay the foundations for an objective and meaningful recognition of social inclusion of women as a fundamental policy in the socio-political life, (4) Develop the theme of Human Rights, and then compare doses on the role and actions to promote positive attitudes to the promotion, (5) Develop and promote the value of non-formal activities, assessing the value added in the field of social inclusion, (6) Promote a positive awareness towards the issue of the meeting, encouraging the exchange of experiences, dialogue and debate on the issues, (7) Increase skills and relational skills that contribute to the social development of young people, (8) Strengthen in them the value of tolerance and self-acceptance.

These goals were settled according to the basic need of the applicant NGO and the partners due to an in-depth analysis conducted in the selected countries which took part in the training course.

Target group & international/intercultural composition of the group & team

The training course involved a total amount of 28 youth leaders, trainers, volunteers and youth workers from the following countries:

* Italy,
* Czech Republic,
* Romania,
* Arzebaijan,
* Serbia,
* Latvia,
* Ukraine,
* Estonia,
* Spain,
* Poland.

The pool of trainers was composed of 2 trainers (me and another colleague from Latvia) and 1 facilitator (a colleague from Estonia). One of the participants from Spain sometimes supported in facilitating.

The staff from the Association was composed by 2 people plus a group of 4 volunteers who attended in the training timing in order to help in logistic, materials, IT, etc. in case it was necessary.

Training methods used & main activities

The training exploited a miscellaneous of Non Formal education tools, mostly devoted to the theater and to the arts (e.g.: one activity was on handicrafts to support the rights of the women as a symbol of freedom). Apart from this special blend:

* Role plays
* Brainstorming
* Story telling
* War-wall words
* Pizza stereotypes
* The Woman and the society circle
* Mandala for Human Rights
* Etc.

The trainers tested 4 new tools and 2 fesh energizers successfully.

Outcomes of the activity

The training gave the chance to the participants to gather information and process steps and actions as future women rights and empowerment trainers overcoming certain issues, stereotypes and socio-economical barriers which nowadays affect the role of the woman especially when looking at the job market and creative entrepreneurship.

We (trainers) tested 4 tools, techniques and solutions to be applied in our societies in favor of the woman empowerment supported by the participants; the results we expect have been sustainable and tangible for all the duration of the trainings.

The most important outcomes of the training has been the Charter of Women Rights divided into 4 chapters, 2 new project ideas connected with Human Rights and the fact of spreading the voice out about the real possibilities to overcome the gender equality barriers, considering all the possible situations of our societies.

Your tasks and responsibilities within the team

The training full duration has been 8 months in which I acted as a Project Manager, plus I have been supporting the Organizer and I have been the main Trainer in the pool.

I worked on this training for 7 days as a full time trainer.

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