This is a reference for Javier Milán López


The training activity took place
in London, UK
organised by WOW Partnership, Erasmus+ project
12-17 May 2019

Aims & objectives

The aim was to strengthen the capacity of youth practitioners, organisations and young people to address and engage with global and international development issues, and become active global citizens. In other words, opening a "window on the world" so they can see the bigger picture. The specific objectives:
- To approach participants to global issues, and global actions through SDG (Sustainable Development Goals)
- To equip participants with methods and tools to address global issues with young people through non-formal education
- To promote the exchange of good practices among youth workers to address global issues with young people
- To promote European and global citizenship

Target group & international/intercultural composition of the group & team

The target groups were youth workers and young people who are actively involved in social actions with other young people. Participants were from UK, Sweden, Spain, Romania and Croatia. In addition, the cultural background of participants was very diverse, from Muslim participants with African origins to white and atheist Europeans.

Training methods used & main activities

The methods were interactive and encouraging the active participation of participants. Activities were based on learning-by-doing, exchange of experiences and boosting creativity. For example, one of the sessions that I led was an "imaginary policial debate" on a hot global topic: the performance of democracies in Muslim societies. Participants created pro and cons arguments, and they shared their experiences and opinions about the topic.

Outcomes of the activity

At the end of the activity, participants:
- Increased awareness on global issues
- Reflected on stereotypes, and changed the way they think about some development issues
- Learned new methods and tools about SDGs and global issues to apply at the local level; so young people can learn about it through non-formal education

Your tasks and responsibilities within the team

In the activity, I was a co-trainer, who prepared and implemented several activities. I also was in charge of the Spanish group, so having the role of "group leader" too by providing support to participants.

I worked on this training for 5 days as a full time trainer.

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