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Winners On Work - WOW

The training activity took place
in Vinci, Italy
organised by Associazione Agrado
19th -26th September 2014
Reference person

Laris Guerri

(Organiser and Co-trainer)
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Aims & objectives

It was an unique project composed by 2 Training activities: a TC in Italy, and a Seminar in Portugal.
The fact of having 2 activities was to boost the outcomes, allowing the participants to use what they learned during the first activity in the time between activities.
We wanted to carry out this project in order to provide fundamental tools for developing the creativity in areas of self-creation of jobs and entrepreneurship, especially in youngsters.
There was also a focus on practical tools to empower and support youth in their personal and professional development (Coaching). A part of the training program is dedicated to the creation and development of this projects and businesses, with a team that supported and provided a safe and empowered environment for this to happen with success.
All the partners in this project were committed to these values and were chosen according to their motivation to integrate the learning outcome of the participants, in their own organizations, regions and country.

Target group & international/intercultural composition of the group & team

There were 7 countries participating: Italy, Portugal, Cyprus, Spain, Austria, Romania and Slovenia, with a total of 21 participants. All participants were people with experience in international projects inside Youth in Action programme and directly involved in their organizations.
The work team was composed by 2 Portuguese trainers, 1 Italian and 1 support staff from Czech Republic.

Training methods used & main activities

We used a lot of NF methods and tools: Team Building games, energisers, Video CV, Team-work, Creativity tasks, Motivational videos, Daily diary, Reflection Groups, Coaching sessions and other

Outcomes of the activity

The Project developed a lot of personal and professional competences as final evaluation questionnaires confirm.
Participants gained a lot of tools and methods to develop professional skill of trainers and youth workers to empower youth on their professional and personal life: especially in the different sessions on coaching 1 to 1, in the practice sessions, in the new tools on self reflection created by the trainers, in the sessions on communication and leadership, in motivational and self-recognisement tools (wheel of life/motivation, ROSA, Simpson Test,...), video presentation on own skills, stress management, and so on.
They had also an intermediate step where training and testing the first gained skills: local activities on coaching and motivation in local activities between the 2 Activities.
The project strenghten many partnerships for next projects.
The final outputs were a website and a Handbook Guide:

Your tasks and responsibilities within the team

My role in WOW TC was a trainer/facilitator in some sessions in the TC\Seminar, especially about Erasmus +, Good practices in Mobility Projects and next steps of the project. In this specific TC I had some counseling sessions with some of the trainees.

I worked on this training for 7 training days days as a full time trainer.

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