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Who wants to be an Entrepreneur

The training activity took place
in Limassol, Cyprus
organised by Cyprus Youth Council

Aims & objectives

Main aim of "Who wants to be an entrepreneur?" was to encourage and educate youth workers to learn more about entrepreneurship, to learn more about methods that they can use in order to motivate and involve more people to start their own businesses.

- To train as many youth workers on entrepreneurial skills so they can continue doing the same in their own local community
- To give them methods, tools and designed workshops that they can use in their own country
- To develop an entrepreneurial attitude in these youth workers so they can do the same with their youth
- To learn these skills by simply doing them
- All together to design new tools, methods and activities that they will implement upon their return home

Target group & international/intercultural composition of the group & team

The target group were youth workers that are interested to learn about entrepreneurship and to run projects as follow up in their countries. there were 36 participants from 6 different countries (Germany, Italy, Cyprus, Malta, Turkey, Macedonia)

Training methods used & main activities

Since it was a sort of train the trainers in how to work with young people who are interested in entrepreneurship, there were many different methods such as simulations, outdoor problem solving treasure hunt, entrepreneurs cafe, parallel methods of building an idea of enterprise, skills "university"....all the methods were non-formal and most of them were custom made for this seminar.

Outcomes of the activity

The training was success since the level of satisfaction of the participants of the program was extremely high 4.78 (1-5, 5 being the best).

We have developed 4 different types of future projects that will be implemented in the countries :
- 1 day seminar
- 2 days seminar
- youth exchange
- training for local youth workers

Your tasks and responsibilities within the team

- Main responsible for the program of the TC
- Assembly of the trainers team, their management and preparation, regular support and their coordination
- Development of all workshops together with the trainers team making sure that the goals and outcomes of the application are reached
- Delivery of workshops, sessions, evaluations, reflection groups during the time of the activity days
- Communication with the partner organizations
- Online application on Salto youth
- Review of all applications and selection of participants, creating waiting lists
- Communication with all applicants for the project
- Adjusting the program according to the needs of the participants
- Writing of several info-packs and preparation of participants prior of the project
- Preparation of session outlines so tracking of the project results would be possible
- 1-2 days of pre-meeting with the whole organizing team (trainers, logistics, coordinators) so a rehearsal would be made for the project and all workshops and logistics figured out prior to project start

I worked on this training for 8 days as a full time trainer.

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