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Wear the change

The training activity took place
in Struga, North Macedonia
organised by Self Development Centre
10/08/2022 - 19/08/2022
Reference person

Daniel Karimi

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Aims & objectives

From the perspective of young people and volunteers, initiators of this project idea, the covid-time has made many people stay at home and many re-organizing things and clothes, becoming aware of what we have at home, what we own, how much we need it and the impact that has on the environment. Many people decided to declutter, others just became aware of how much we are hurting the Earth by just obsessive buying. On the other side, many people became even larger consumers of any kind of goods. All these sides and situations inspired a few people from partner organizations to gather and develop a project and tackle such important issues: important for the Planet and important for the people.
That is why they would like to make clear to other peers about waste, consumption, pollution, fast-fashion trends, and behaviors.
The aim of “Wear The Change” is to give space to participants coming from various cultures, to share their ideas of sustainable living and sustainable fashion, to learn from each other, to gain knowledge on the topic, to learn some practical skills and ideas, and to become the next generation of conscious and responsible consumers.

Target group & international/intercultural composition of the group & team

In this project, we gather participants from 6 countries: North Macedonia, Sweden, Bulgaria, Serbia, Greece, and Spain.

Training methods used & main activities

We used a great variety of different non-formal education methods in this project to carry on the different activities. Icebreakers, team-building activities, discussions, role-play activities, problem-solving activities, game-based activities, and expositions were some of the methods we used in our project.

Outcomes of the activity

We created some campaings during the project to create awareness and participants came back home with some business ideas to tackle the problem of clothes overproduction

Your tasks and responsibilities within the team

I was developing and carrying out activities during the 8 days of the project.

I worked on this training for 8 days as a full time trainer.

Testimonial of the reference person

The Youth Exchange took place as described and Silvia was a committed facilitator

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