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Walking through Peace and Diversity

The training activity took place
in Georgia
organised by ASA Ngo
April 7-13, 2012

Aims & objectives

The seminar seeked to raise young educators’ awareness on the importance of intercultural education and accepting differences in multicultural societies.
The group worked to examine and analyze situation in participant countries, collect and exchange experience and good practices of Intercultural Dialogue and education.
Program tried to assist youth educators to combat phobias and stereotypes, this way make them multipliers of positive approaches in new generation. Certificates was awarded at the end of the course.

Target group & international/intercultural composition of the group & team

Profile of the participants:
Youth citizens or legally residing in Council of Europe member states are welcome to apply; Age range: 20-30 Applicant is to be either an active educator / trainer in NGO; teacher at school or seeking to become the one in future.

Training methods used & main activities

The training created a safe environment where
youth will feel comfortable enough to share
sensitive concepts.
Training used educational
tools such as role playing techniques and
interactive group activities.
Used fictional stories or videos to provide examples.
Participants described the effects of living in a multi-ethnic society in terms of integration, segregation, cooperation and conflict.
The learning methodology included best
practices from skilled trainers on Human Rights,
conflict management, intercultural relations, and
trainer-psychologist in this field through
interactive workshops, brainstorming, practical
sessions, site visits and presentations.
We worked with the existing experience of the
participants, provide space for sharing their
knowledge, and guide to new experience within
the sessions.
Project planned to develop some role activities in order to get the participants to realise the experience that they will have during the exercise, trying to be all the time during the
session as much interactive as possible.
Video documentaries, interactive lessons,
discussions and meetings with multicultural
communities played an essential part of the
The meeting encouraged acquaintance
with and knowledge of the other cultures through story telling about different cultures, traditions, lifestyles.
There was a support youth active involvement in the process to fight against nationalism and xenophobia. Games, Role plays and lessons were selected from Compass and ALIEN Manuals.

Outcomes of the activity

TC wanted to improve peoples civic and social
skills in our countries in order to facilitate the
complete integration of persons with fewer
To apply this in practice the society needs well
trained aware human resources, with our training
we will make some contribution to prepare
youngsters to work in this field.
Due to this exigency on the territory, during the TC it was decided to provide a new tool in order to facilitate and improve the opportunities for young people.

Your tasks and responsibilities within the team

I was one of the Trainers during the whole event.
I specifically prepared a workshop about the stereotypes in Italy.
I supported the other trainers during their workshops.

I worked on this training for 7 days as a full time trainer.

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