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UN MDG - A Challenge for Today's Youth?

The training activity took place
in Baroda + Delhi - India
organised by Beyond Europe Project - AEGEE Europe, AIESEC Baroda, Gujarat Public School
22 June to 13 July 2010

Aims & objectives

The project aims to empower young people in Europe, India and South Africa to contribute to the achievement of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (henceforth referred to as MDGs).

This overall aim can be specified in the following objectives:

Awareness - to raise young people’s awareness of critical global issues and the MDGs;

Participation - to provide young people from Europe, India and South Africa with knowledge to fight for the achievement of the MDGs;

Multiplying effect - to promote active citizenship and encourage young people to get active on a local level for the achievement of the MDGs;

The Cultural Dimension - to establish an intercultural dialogue and create a network of European, South African and Indian youth;

to foster the dialogue between young people with different ethnic, social and economic backgrounds;

Target group & international/intercultural composition of the group & team

Group was composed by 22 participants from Europe, South Africa and India and the trainers team was based in 5 experienced facilitators.

Training methods used & main activities

Non formal education was used during the four parts of the long term project.

The project consists of four activities:

December 2009, Preliminary meeting, Brussels, Belgium

June 2010, Case Study Trip, Vadodara, India

September 2010, Case Study Trip, Cape Town, South Africa

November 2010, Final convention, Utrecht, The Netherlands

Outcomes of the activity

Outcomes results will come up in the final conference in Utrecht after both CST and further follow up projects will be discussed there.

Your tasks and responsibilities within the team

I was responsible of the activities related to two of the action groups.

MDG 3, Gender Equality
MDG 7, Environmental Sustainability

I worked on this training for 25 days as a full time trainer.

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