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Transformations: Potentials to Reality

The training activity took place
in Lecce
organised by VulcanicaMente
November 2019
Reference person

Sandra Horea

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Aims & objectives

Youth generation nowadays have huge inner potentials but does not have the tools to transform it to reality . Thus our training course "Transformations: Potentials to Reality" aims to provide YW with tools to help youngsters in these transformations. The activities of the project aim to boost the competences of YW using innovative NFE methods (as holistic education and mindfulness) in order to support youngsters in transforming their potentials into reality to be used for personal, professional and social growth in a meaningful and purposeful way.
The objectives of the course are for YW
1. to gain knowledge related to the transferability of informal and non-formal learning into competences using innovative NFE methods as holistic education and mindfulness ;
2. to develop understanding why a purpose in life is important especially for youth;
3. to enhance their skills in guiding the youth to apply their competences in meaningful and purposeful way;
4. to increase their motivation in supporting youth to use their competences (professionally and personally);
5. to develop a personal follow-up plan to use with the youth they work with;

Target group & international/intercultural composition of the group & team

There were 27 youth workers coming from 8 European countries (Italy, Romania, Sweden, Hungary, Turkey, Estonia, Poland and Greece). All participants were YW representing their sending NGOs and working directly with young people so they could use their nely gained competences in their daily work.

Training methods used & main activities

The training course was based on the elements of experiential learning, self-directed learning and non-formal education (NFE) especially on innovative NFE as holistic education and mindfulness. NFE endorses a participative and learner-centered approach, it is carried out by learners on a voluntary basis and therefore it is closely linked to participants’ needs, aspirations and interests. NFE is also based on the Kolb’s cycle of experiential learning in which participants’ experience is facilitated by the trainers in order to lead to learning. The trainers’ team consisted of proficient users of non- formal education. The trainers provided participants a broad arsenal of non-formal education tools such as role-plays, brainstorming, group work, simulations, theoretical inputs, discussion methods, outdoor education, theatrical games etc. All these non-formal education methods were used in order to ensure the active participation of the youth workers involved.

Outcomes of the activity

Besides intangible outcome-participant learning competences, project had some tangible outcomes which were planned, witnessing the success: 1) Knowledge transfer meeting. The aim of the knowledge transfer is to transfer the competences gained by the participants to a specific target group: their peers/colleagues in the sending organization as well as other youth NGOs from the community;
2) Participants are invited to organize and conduct a workshop to youth in their local area. This workshop will be facilitated by both participants from the same country (so we expect 12 workshops in 12 countries)
3) Video and article preparation and sharing which will be done through internet and link shared on Facebook.
4) Partners are invited to share the tangible results with the National Youth Councils by sending them email with project results described.
5) 3 press releases with 150 photos, we aim to target the media to provide visibility to the project and disseminate the results to the wider audience.

Your tasks and responsibilities within the team

Content part on mindfulness non-formal education topic-preparing,implementing&evaluating sessions where mindfulness tools where used to achieve project aim and objective.

I worked on this training for 7 days as a full time trainer.

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