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Training of facilitators involved in non-formal education with young people

The training activity took place
in Budapest/Hungary
organised by Council of Europe
Reference person

Nik Paddison

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Aims & objectives

The training course aimed to train facilitators from youth organisation in non-formal education
for ensuring a high quality standard in preparing, implementing, evaluating and securing
effective follow-up of international youth training activities in particular study sessions,
organised and run in cooperation with the Council of Europe’s Directorate of Youth and Sport.
The objectives of the training course were:
 To increase participants’ understanding about values underpinning European non-formal
education youth activities;
 To familiarise participants with the values, mission, structure and ways of working of the
Council of Europe and in particular the Directorate of Youth and Sport;
 To develop essential competences for facilitators in non-formal education with
multicultural youth groups assuring quality criteria in all aspects of study sessions and
international youth training activities;
 To explore the concepts of intercultural learning and human rights education and how
these can be integrated in non-formal education activities;
 To develop participants’ competences in implementing the study session cycle in
particular assuring administrative and educational follow-up and dissemination of results
of a study session.

Target group & international/intercultural composition of the group & team

Team: Turkey, Czech Republic, Macedonia, the UK, Budapest and Strasbourg - educational advisors of the Council of Europe.
Group: Caucaus countries, France, Germany, Czech Rep., Latvia, Estonia, the Netherlands, Poland, Italy, Greece, Hungary, Russian federation, Serbia, Spain, Sweden, FYRoM, UK, Denmark, Switzerland, Belgium, Austria

Training methods used & main activities

non formal education, holistic learning,
discussion, role plays, simulations, debriefings, open space, group activities, presentations, personal assignments, debriefing, feedback, facilitation tools
workshops on: gender, intercultural learning, Human rights education

Outcomes of the activity

= practice sessions allowed participants to explore
human rights education and intercultural learning more
closely and to link them to issues as gender equality or
social exclusion.
=skills to approach them in all the phases of
implementation of an international youth activity
=understanding of the non-formal education approaches
=ability to further train facilitators for international youth activities
=undeerstanding of a complete study session cycle

Your tasks and responsibilities within the team

Senior trainer:
- general preparation, running and evaluation of the training course
- theoretical inputs (HR, HRE)
- cowriting of a final report
- consultations during the course for the participants

I worked on this training for 12 days as a full time trainer.

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