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“Training for Trainers of Young European Citizens”

The training activity took place
in Sinaia, Romania
organised by AEGEE
20th – 30th July 2008
Reference person

Danijela Matorcevic (ex Juric)

(Trainer in the course)
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Aims & objectives

This training course aimed at preparing the next generation of trainers of AEGEE and some of its European partner NGOs. 
The objectives set were:

- To enable the participants to competently and confidently plan, run and evaluate an international training course;

- To familiarize participant with a variety of training and learning concepts in non-formal education contexts;

- To increase awareness of the benefits of trainings within youth organisations and in European youth work in general;

- To provide space for personal growth of participants as future trainers; being able to assess their personal needs for their further development as trainers.

Target group & international/intercultural composition of the group & team

Target group (Profile of the participants):
Youth workers and AEGEE members (70%), and the rest from the partner organisations of AEGEE, all between 18 and 30 years old, who:

1. Have good experience in youth work, preferably on both local and European level

2. Are highly motivated in sharing their experience and support the development of the next generations of members in their NGOs

3. Are able to communicate in English

4. Are committed to attend the full duration of the course and participate in the pre event assignments

The participants were experienced and motivated youthworkers who wanted to develop their trainers skils.They came from Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Germany, Romania, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Russia, Turkey, Hungary and Spain.

The team was composed of 7 trainers from Romania, The Netherland, Croatia, Germany, Turkey, Belgium, Portugal.

Training methods used & main activities

The course was designed as an open learning process based on participant experience and exchange. The training course followed the “non formal education approach” with a combination of different creative and interactive methods used by the international training team and designed upon the profile of participants.

Outcomes of the activity


* Experienced youth workers acquired more practical as well as theoretical tools and skills to hold training courses to other youth workers themselves 

Your tasks and responsibilities within the team

My responsibilities were:

* Prep team member and a full time trainer;

* Participated the prep team meeting in July 2008, in Sinaia, Romania

* During the training course I have trained and/or co-facilitated following sessions:

Group building, What is a Training and Who is a Trainer? Learning and learning styles, Group Dynamics and teamwork, Ethic for trainers.
* Facilitating daily evaluation/reflection group

* Participated some daily team meetings
* Mentoring 5 participants during and after the training course in duration of at least six months

I worked on this training for 10 days as a full time trainer.

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