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Training for Evs mentors and responsible of projects in Palestine

The training activity took place
in Ramallah, Palestine
organised by Salto Euromed
18-22 November 2014

Aims & objectives

1. Develop a common understanding of the EVS process and actors within Euromediterranean cooperation
2. Assess the level of competences of mentors and Responsible of project as part of accreditation process .
3. Understand the role and tasks of volunteers within the NGO in the Evs process
4. Share and understand roles and tasks of the mentors and Responsible of project.
5. Present and experience the youthpass process within Evs
6. Offer participants an opportunity to improve their youth work practice trough Evs
7. Assess the NGOs ability to host/send volunteers and plan the necessary development
8. Explore Intercultural Learning as a key part of Evs projects
9. Provide participants with concrete tools they can use for their Evs projects
10. Develop risk assessment and crisis management plans for mentors and volunteers in Evs

Target group & international/intercultural composition of the group & team

- 14 Evs potential Evs mentors and 14 responsibles of Evs project from 14 different Palestinian organisations in process to get Evs accreditation were taking part to the activity.
- The team was composed by:
Shadi Zatara, Palestine
Mohammed Ali Ahmed, Palestine
Aytac Uzunlas, Turkey
Saro Rossi, Italy
Federica De Micheli, Salto Euromed

Training methods used & main activities

The training was based on a learning path which aims to offer useful tools for mentors and responsible of project according to their real needs.
Common learning objectives were a minimum standard that participants were encouraged to reach, but at the same time the flexible structure of the training let them to improve the areas they feel to be more weak in terms of knowledge.

Outcomes of the activity

This training was part of the accreditation process in Euromed so main outcome was to have 14 Evs mentors and 14 responsible of Evs projects ready for the next phase of accreditation process and prepared for their future Evs projects.
Moreover participants developed checklists for mentors and responsible of projects (see report) .

Your tasks and responsibilities within the team

I was full time trainer together with the other colleagues contributing to preparation, facilitation of several sessions, evaluation . The programme was designed a a collective work of the pool of Evs trainers in Euromed which took place in April 2014 in Amman. This programme was then adapted to the reality of Palestine and to concrete participants needs.

I worked on this training for 4 days as a full time trainer.

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