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Training Course 'Outdoor Activities for Inclusion'

The training activity took place
in Kuusamo, Finland
organised by Oivanki Outdoor Education Centre
3-11 October 2019

Aims & objectives

"Outdoor Activities for inclusion" is a multi-stage project that aims to expand the use of outdoor activities as a tool supporting inclusion in youth work.

The objectives of the project are:
To acquire and improve competencies for using outdoor activities as a tool for inclusion in youth work
To acquire and improve competences on empathizing and defining the needs of target groups
To acquire and improve competences on developing, prototyping and testing outdoor activities supporting the inclusion in local communities
To acquire and improve competences on involving youth in developing Erasmus+ projects supporting inclusion through outdoor activities
To develop and disseminate a toolbox of outdoor games and activities supporting the inclusion

Target group & international/intercultural composition of the group & team

28 youth/social workers, trainers, youth leaders, educators, facilitators and nature tour guides from Armenia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Finland, France, Italy, Russian Federation, Spain, Turkey, Ukraine

Training methods used & main activities

The project based on non-formal education, structured in learning by doing and self experiential way. Which means applicable, transferable, nature-based and action-oriented working for all of the activity days.

During the Training Course participants experienced and learned different types of outdoor activities (Geocaching, Hiking, Forest Wisdom, Tenting, Boating, Fishing, Solo time, Photo hunting, etc.); empathize and define the needs of various target groups; develop, prototype and test their own outdoor activities supporting inclusion; introduced to methodological and safety aspects.

Outcomes of the activity

Improved competencies of using outdoors of 28 youth/social workers, trainers, youth leaders, educators, facilitators and nature tour guides.
11 outdoors games and activities developed during the Training Course

Your tasks and responsibilities within the team

I worked as a full-time trainer for 7 days, together with my colleague Michael Scheuchenegger. My role was to develop and implement the program of the training course based on non-formal education methods and needs of participants.

I worked on this training for 7 days days as a full time trainer.

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