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Training Course on human rights education for social inclusion and intercultural dialogue in Italy

The training activity took place
in Milan, Italy
organised by FNG - ADYNE - Council of Europe
22nd to 28th October 2012

Aims & objectives

 The aim of this training course was to strengthen participants understanding of Human Rights, specific competencies and tools for the implementation of a framework of Human Rights Education in Italy in order to promote social inclusion of young people.

 To understand key concepts of human rights and the role of human rights education with young people in diverse society;
 To develop in participants essential competences (knowledge, skills and attitudes) for trainers working with human rights education in non-formal learning settings;
 To discover several tools and activities useful in human rights education with young people and how to best use them in different contexts and realities;
 To raise participants awareness of their potential to act as multipliers in human rights education in their youth organizations and local communities ;
 To understand the role of human rights education in the process of minority groups social inclusion in our country;

Target group & international/intercultural composition of the group & team

1/3 of the group was represented by migrants or refugees from Ivory cost, ROmania, Marocco and cape verde. The rest were italian

Training methods used & main activities

the training was residential and used mainly NFe methodology covering several methods and activities from CoE practices

Outcomes of the activity

The outcomes of the course contain whether the achievements and the shortcomings without forgetting the crucial part in relation to the follow up.
During the planning phase we designed the course with a certain amount of expected outcomes which with a certain percentage have been satisfied, but what surprised us it was the amount of the unexpected positive and challenging outcomes that came from participants eager to learn and know more. This made us realize the need that in our country even if we are all entitled with certain rights the misconception is still high.
What the NTC has been able to address I,s first of al,l the knowledge and understanding of the values and principles of HR translated also in personal values. The history and philosophy of HR has been enriched by participant knowledge and experience, making them realize that they already had a background information about the issue. Information were contextualized in their everyday lives. The knowledge of the various instruments for the promotion, the protection of HR was considered important as well as the skills they gained to translate them in HRE activities and projects. Existing tools and policy papers have been adapted in activities to possibly be implemented in their realities taking in consideration the needs and the concerns of young people in Italy today. Methodologies, tools and project on social rights promoted by the CoE has been considered of high values so well that participants offered to translate such educational material and start working on social inclusion in their local communities. Social inclusion and the perception of young people with other cultural background living in the country at risk of discrimination, has taken on board by participants as first priority in the follow up activities.
Considering other advocacy tools the link between the Charter on EDC/HRE and the process related to "Proposta 2012" (structured dialogue process with the national institutions attending the meeting) has produced the document were participants recommend ways of implementation of the the charter declined in the three focus of the event: citizenship and participation, European citizenship, citizenship immigration and participation. Several comment were made on the Charter EDC/HRE saying that the definition of HRE and EDC are difficult for young people to understand, and through a specific session found new and simple definitions could be included in the friendly version charter that they offered to translate in Italian.

Your tasks and responsibilities within the team

Coordinating the course

I worked on this training for 7 days as a full time trainer.

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