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Training course about personal branding "A Different Viewpoint"

The training activity took place
in Cinevilla, Latvia
organised by Room of Fulfilled Dreams
Reference person

Deniss Jershov

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Aims & objectives

Training course "A Different Viewpoint" was the second step of a multi-measure project developed as an attempt to address problem of youth unemployment through encouraging young people to use entrepreneurial approaches for improving their wellbeing. Course invited to see unemployment as an opportunity, not as a problem - opportunity for self-development, growth, and generation of new ideas, social innovations or enterprises. Following learning objectives were set:

At the program's conclusion, participants should be able to:

- Have a thorough understanding of the personal branding;

- Discover and explore their unique qualities and the value these qualities add to their personal brand;

- Use different tools for creating a personal brand and designing a personal branding strategic plan;

- Formulate their personal learning objectives and a personal learning plan that matches these objectives;

- Communicate their personal brand and further develop communication and collaboration skills;

- Utilize social media tools to effectively present their personal brand to potential employers and clients.

At the program’s conclusion, partner organizations should be able to:

- Implement new ideas, tools and techniques in order to provide educational and personal support to young job seekers;

- Complete applications for new youth initiative or exchange projects that would provide further learning, networking and development opportunities.

Target group & international/intercultural composition of the group & team

Training course gathered 25 participants and experts from Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia and Italy.

Training methods used & main activities

Personal branding techniques, self-reflection exercises, embodied learning tools, personal feedback, coaching, group work, discussions, interactive lectures, work with multimedia and social media tools.

Outcomes of the activity

Course provided participants a step-by-step guide for conducting self-analysis, creating an unique identity, defining objectives, discovering passions, creating a plan, putting that plan into action. Participants enhanced insight in who they are and how it matches with the image that other people hold of them. Participants explored which image they want to create of themselves and how they can influence it. The training resulted in a self-made brand template for each participant, which can be used to stand out the crowd:

"I learnt more about myself and got tools how to present myself to others. I am definitely creating my personal brand which I will promote to get a job and later to start a business." - Manvydas, Lithuania

"I started to think about some things that I never did in past. Can't wait to organize workshops at our youth centre and spread what I have learned here: awareness of the importance of personal brand, knowledge how to achieve your dreams by making a clear plan, by knowing your strenghts, weaknesses, by being unique, being yourself." - Maja, Slovenia

"It has made me more determined and more focused in making my next carreer move. I am going to actively promote myself and my skills rather than staying home and waiting for job opportunities to come knocking at my door." - Lietta, Italy

"I've became more confident and aware of my strenghts. I know how to explore them. Now my life has a direction. Dreams can become true, you just need a little bit of organized thoughts." - Inesa, Romania

"I learned to think more creatively and use social media better. I discovered that I have some good qualities which I did not notice before. Now I have a lot more knowledge about branding, what I will use for my business." - Jānis, Latvia

Ideas and some of the methods used in the training course are shared also in publication "Reinvent Yourself" that was created at end of the project:

Your tasks and responsibilities within the team

Participants' and partners' needs assessment, formulating learning objectives, designing program, facilitating sessions in cooperation with one other trainer and several guest speakers, evaluating activities and outcomes, elaborating promotional materials of the project, overall project management.

I worked on this training for 6 days as a full time trainer.

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