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Train the Trainers of City Bound Europe

The training activity took place
in Berlin
organised by Fahrten-Ferne-Abenteuer

Aims & objectives

Training course was addressed to adventure-based learning trainers working for City Bound Europe Network. Its main aim was to develop training skills among them: facilitation, communication, problem solving, feedback and coaching etc., develop together the training programme for youth leaders, as well as to outline the profile of a City Bound Trainer.

Target group & international/intercultural composition of the group & team

In the TC participants were coming from Poland, Germany, Romania, United Kingdom, Spain, Czech Republic and Greece.

Training methods used & main activities

We used the method of supervision and simulation of activities to be performed at the youth leaders training courses. Besides - group discussions, brainstorm methods for coming up with new tools, open space methods for sharing experiences and collecting good practices, world cafe for working on the content, group challenges and forum theater for problem solving.

Outcomes of the activity

Participants trained their skills and received methods how to train them in their daily work, they became more aware of their trainer profile and personal style, they became self-aware of their limitations and strengths. Moreover, product of this meeting was a training programme for Youth Leaders Training Course on 2 levels of advancement. The document is a property of the City Bound Europe Network.

Your tasks and responsibilities within the team

Study on needs, expectations, design of the training programme, development of the methods and tools, evaluation and follow-up plan implementation.

I worked on this training for 7 days as a full time trainer.

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