This is a reference for Davide Tonon

Towards a united strategy: from international volunteering to democratic participation

The training activity took place
in Santorini, Greece
organised by Citizens in Action (Greece), within the Alliance network

Aims & objectives

This training course was tackling the issues of youth policies and external relations of international youth organizations, important for an international network focusing on international youth work.
Thus the main aim of the training course was to train participants (26 youth workers and trainers, coming from different organisations within the Alliance network) in external relations, representation skills, communication and lobbying strategies.
The training was based on a peer to peer approach within a non-formal-learning setting.

I was trainer in an international team composed by 3 trainers and a facilitator/organiser: Chrysafo Aravaniti, Roman Kuehn, myself and Xenia Koutentaki.

I worked on this training for 7 days as a full time trainer.

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