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Tools 4 EVS

The training activity took place
in Telč, Czech Republic
organised by Czech National Agency Youth

Aims & objectives

1) To understand the EVS-Learning-Process as a complex experience: before-during-after the project;
2) To connect the perspective of the different actors involved in the learning process - volunteer, S.O., H.O., ex-volunteers’ association, trainers, etc.;
3) To learn about how the volunteer’s learning process can be supported efficiently, identifying knowledge, skills, attitudes needed to facilitate the volunteer’s learning, exchanging experience and tools;
4) To create an outcome for multiplication (about learning support in EVS, to keep the results of the training, the form depending on the group’s creativity).

Target group & international/intercultural composition of the group & team

Team: Czech Republic, Poland Hungary
Participants: Austria, Belgium, Estonia, Hungary, Italy, Lithuania, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Turkey

Training methods used & main activities

Idea was to support as much as possible participants learning in different ways, which they can use later for supporting learning process of their volunteers. We prepared set of steps, which were the pax passing and creating according them their own content of the training.

Outcomes of the activity

From evaluation of participants - about learning:
- I would like to share reflexion on the process of learning
- I can use a lot of information in my work
- Better coordinator for EVS
- We can use the tools in our organisation.
- I will be more conscious about processes that seem to be natural
- In personal life – to use better my time, to decide more convinced; in professional life – to change/correct our strategy, to develop different tools with candidates, HO, local partners; I can transfer tools – communication, motivation, evaluation tools
- Personal – again motivated for going to EVS; professional – to run quality vol. centre
- EVS learning process and tools for training/mentoring volunteer in the organisation; in personal learning process the diary was really a good idea; professional. it was good to use a big variety of tools, and working in pairs, group etc. the tasks were very inspirative and creative. THANKS
- I definitely made reflexion to my experience and started to see it more wide, I also got to know what I want to change in prof. life. I will transfer learned tools to others
- Most of the things we talked about I can use in my work and in personal life, because everything has practical relation.
- self reflection
- everything what I learnt I will use in my personal life and professional life, I will try to transfer almost everything from this training to my colleague
- yes, interesting and practical tools for me and my process, I will use it in my job with the CD and explain to my colleague

Your tasks and responsibilities within the team

Full-time trainer for preparaton, realisation and evaluation of training.

I worked on this training for 5 days as a full time trainer.

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