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Tool fair 2nd edition

The training activity took place
in Antalya, Turkey
organised by Salto Euromed in cooperation with Turkish National Agency
12-16 December 2007

Aims & objectives

The Fair was a "showroom" for the huge variety and richness of tools developed and used under the Youth/Youth in Action programme, a place to experiment with methods and exercises used within the different actions (youth exchanges, EVS, youth initiatives, training) and based on different themes (cultural diversity, inclusion, cooperation with partner countries, etc...).
The Fair became the creation of the participants themselves and enable their tools to be used throughout the programme. "Savoir-faire" was gathered in order to create a "collective knowledge"

Target group & international/intercultural composition of the group & team

96 participants and around 20 local observers coming from EU, MEDA, SEE, EECA countries. Profile of participants was: trainers, youth workers, leaders, Nas, Salto, EYU officers, etc.

Team was composed by:
Tugce Zeynep, Turkey
Saro Rossi, Italy
Bernard Arbignani and Stephanie Henry, Salto Euromed

Training methods used & main activities

After the opening days with some inspiring lectures from Experts about education tools,
the event programme was based on sharing of tools in different workshops spaces with different duration and frame. It provide also space to develop new education tools, improve the exsisting ones and to develop new projects.
Coaching , support and feedback meeting were offered to participants who wanted to run a workshop before and after the workshops.

Outcomes of the activity

here were 29 Workshops running during 3 days (21 different tools presented in workshops, 3 workshops on technical tools, 5 workshops on Tools for cooperation). Around 40 tools presented in the exhibition. There were 3 lectures from experts. Around 50 project ideas discussed in the partnership building activity. There were 110 pax and 20 visitors (Erasmus students from the University).

Your tasks and responsibilities within the team

I was contributing to the programme design together with the team, I was faciliting some of the plenary sessions, coordinating the workshops offer, providing coaching , support and feedback to participants who want to run workshops in specific meetings

I worked on this training for 5 days as a full time trainer.

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