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"Togather in challenges" - Youth in Action project - 1.3.Youth Democracy projects

The training activity took place
in Gotse Delchev, Bulgaria
organised by "Community Council for education' - Gotse Delchev
May- September, 2010
Reference person

Valentin Atanasov

(chairman of "Community Council for education in Gotse Delchev")
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Aims & objectives

The training was inspired by the main theme for 2010 for the EU - dedicated to tackling poverty and social inclusion! The main activities were focused on giving awareness to the democratic structures - Municipalities, Councils, Youth summits, and how to connect it with the People's right to be socially integrated and raising voices on the mentioned issues.
The presented entrepreneurship activities and the role of the Social enterprises by the taken practices from Belgium gave incentives to the participants for future projects on the problem of poverty and social isolation.
The main aim of the Community Council for education in Gotse Delchev, Bulgaria is to present the problems of the society not through the aside, isolated facts but showing ways to tackle. Thus the project presented overall the problem of growing poverty of the specific group within the society and how to tackle it via the knowledge of the business.

Target group & international/intercultural composition of the group & team

There were participants from the college KATHO in Flanders, Belgium due to the long partnership activities of the Bulgarian organization with the college KATHO in Flanders, Belgium there with it. Also there were participants from Latvia - representatives of the Youth Council in Yurmala, and from Bucharest, Romania. The hosting Bulgarian organization was supported by its members and volunteers.

Training methods used & main activities

During the whole project, which as well include study visit of the college KATHO, was used varios methods. All of the actives were based on the active participation. Because it was as well Democracy Youth project , it includes - simulation game, presentations, self directed learning, work in groups, task oriented games with the local community, study visit to a village, nearby the town where there are lots of interesting minority groups, and a meeting with the Mayor of the town. It was as well quite beneficial that the mayor of the town is a member of the Committee of Regions in Brussels, and compliment the discussions with interesting practices.

Outcomes of the activity

The project was focused to participants who works on a local level with socially isolated communities or in Youth Councils. Therefore one of the achievements were the dedication to share practices and to validate the experience on local level. The success of the project can be measured via the well partnership , which continue up to now, and via the good will to follow up and to multiply the activities on local level. As a result of the activity the participants recorded a song to show the main problems in not paying attention to socially isolated people, and showed strong dedicated to tackle it via the youth participation in various democratic structures As well the Bulgarian participants created a publication with practices from Europe of social enterprises, which was sent to Business centres - incubators in Bulgaria.

Your tasks and responsibilities within the team

My main role was to work on Active participation and Democratic structures because I have experience as a former assistant of a member of the European Parliament. As well I was responsible for Group dynamics and to facilitate the learning process in the discussion during the whole training process.

I worked on this training for 12.7.2010 -20.7.2010 days as a full time trainer.

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