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The Sunniest in Europe meets the Sunniest in Caucasus

The training activity took place
in Yerevan, Armenia
organised by AEGEE-Yerevan, AEGEE-Athina
13.10.12 - 20.10.12

Aims & objectives

-to promote the intercultural dialogue among young people
-to motivate young people to engage in peace initiatives
-to get to know, understand and respect the history and culture of each other
-to find common cultural elements and build a stronger relationship/partnership based on them, while learning to embrace cultural diversity and communicate with cultural awareness.
-to develop tolerance and mutual understanding
- to introduce the concept of intercultural learning and explain how young people can avoid creating more stereotypes
- to learn about cultural diversity in different parts of Europe
- to develop a shared understanding of intercultural learning
-to motivate youth to engage in a healthier lifestyle (sports, healthy diet)
-to get to know the Olympic spirit and its ideals (e.g. fair play)
-to combat racism and xenophobia through cooperation in sports
-to young people come closer and get to know each other better as they cooperate to achieve a common goal

Target group & international/intercultural composition of the group & team

The project was targeted at 15 young people from Armenia and 15 young people from Greece.

Training methods used & main activities

During the project we made different workshops, sports activities, team-building activities, ice-breakers, energizers, expectations-fears-contributions, meetings/evaluations, movie-shows, work together activities, sessions with expert, excursions, peaceful demonstration, flesh mobs, intercultural evenings and other creative public activities. The project was fully based on non-formal education methods.

Outcomes of the activity

This project was attractive for young people as it connected the opportunity to meet new friends, speak English and experience “something extra”, beyond the everyday routine. Thanks to the project participants strengthened their new friendships and developed tolerance and mutual understanding towards each other.

Your tasks and responsibilities within the team

Trainer - Facilitator

I worked on this training for 4 days as a full time trainer.

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