This is a reference for Sandra (Alexandra) Horea

The Power of Volunteering

The training activity took place
in Brno, Czech Republic
organised by AFS Mezikulturní programy, o.p.s.
12-18 September 2015

Aims & objectives

The training aims to empower youth workers to spread volunteering as a means of social cohesion and access to labour market.

The specific objectives of the training are:

- To underline the importance of volunteering as a means for social cohesion and transition to labour market
- To provide youth workers with tools with which they can develop self -awareness/self-development of the youth
- To equip youth workers with instruments that will motivate youth to become volunteers.
- Become active citizens and think wider than themselves
- Experience a multi-cultural and diverse environment
- Become multipliers of the outcomes of this training course and use it as a means of promoting active citizenship

The organization is promoting volunteering as a mean of personal and professional development, therefore the training suited perfectly the association's goal.

Target group & international/intercultural composition of the group & team

Target group:
22 Youth workers and youth leaders.
Partner countries:
Cyprus, Romania, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Croatia, Greece, Poland.
Trainers team:
Eleni Michail (Cyprus); Karolina Kousalova (Czech Republic) and myself from Romania.

Training methods used & main activities

The training course used methods of non-formal education and experiential learning. Methods included ice-breaking games, team-building activities, energizers, simulations, role-playing games, debate groups, small working groups, outdoor education and theoretical inputs.

Outcomes of the activity

- 22 participants equipped with key competences connected with volunteering and employability.
- specific volunteering actions made by the participants in the local community.
- non-formal workshops delivered by the participants within the course.

Your tasks and responsibilities within the team

My tasks during the team were: delivering sessions based on non-formal education methods, facilitating group discussion, preparing materials, facilitating evening activities, providing support for the participants etc.

I worked on this training for 7 days days as a full time trainer.

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